Sunday 7 April 2013

Soldier for Women - What I learned from my dad?

Hi Soldiers,

Soldier is not the name but the attitude that some of us carry always and it is to respect everyone and come forward to support someone in distress. With society changing & deteriorating a lot in this uprising India we need soldiers not at the front but also in every walk of life. We need soldiers in buses, metros, every mode of public transport and on the roads, public spots, parks, parking…I can’t think of any location where we don’t need soldiers. With women becoming more and more independent & food earner of Modern India their security is always at stake as our society has not accepted the same at large. The political mindset too has not changed whereas all the Politician women power stays and lives in Delhi. That’s an irony of the thing but an event did reunited the whole country together & thought that women safety is a necessity and a priority. Helplines numbers have been opened but still incidents are visible as nothing has changed much so each and every citizen has to become a soldier in himself to save guard the women in their lives and society too.

Coming back to the soldier in my life is my Dad Suresh Kumar Jain who has always taught me to respect women and having the courage to stand for them in case required. He comes from a modest background with losing his father at the age when he just started his college first year. With 2 younger brother and a sister and no savings whatsoever he has to support his mother to run day to day expenses of his family. May be that was the time he saw the power of women in his life and took a decision to support them always. He did well to stand his whole family with the help of my grandmother and made a strong bond with all the family till now. All of us are now in very good positions with all kids of my generations are engineers and some has done MBAs from the likes of IIMs too.

Working as a branch manager in rural India Banks, my father has really helped a lot of women to stand on their feet with various government bank schemes to earn their daily living by opening small shops in their villages. He has helped settle family land disputes between brothers after father died and mother looking to sort out the matter. Family is of utmost importance to him as he understood the same very early in his life and so he was able to reconnect with all the rural people easily. He has various stories to tell us when we were growing up and that really made us to follow truth and remain ethical always. Good deeds will bring good results always! I totally believed in his motto for life.
Finally In the end all I can say that I still have to learn a lot from him and he is and will remain my soldier always! Thanks a lot dad!

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