Thursday 25 April 2013

HP Connected made me rethink about my love for Bollywood Music

Hi Guys,

HP Connected Music was my second Indiblogger meet and with the first one gone extremely well for you, you tend to weave a great lot of expectations out of it. With closeness of location for me I started for the meet. Even before I could, start received a tweet from Ramit Narang that I have won in their contest. Details were unknown to me though and then I reached the Hilton Garden Inn, a property that was launched just 3 months back in Gurgaon. It was a nice entrance and I could easily make out the way as rush seems to be towards a side of entrance only. 

This time the tees were not given at the time of registration but towards the end of the event. We sat down at the circular tables & as I called my friends from last event Aditya Pranav and Murtaza Ali. Very soon the event started with announcing the names of those people who have written a blog about the event. I was one of the few and received HP Headphones for the same priced at Rs. 799/- The quality of the headsets seems to be good as I tried the ones that were kept on their jukeboxes kept at the entrance of the event. 


The presentation soon started and people were made aware about the app and what it could do. Followed by this there was a break for High Tea. The cookies and snacks served were great and everyone loved the same. 
Sonu Nigam

Thereafter the event concluded with 2 people wining Laptops on the basis of english songs. I never knew any so i couldn't win the same. That's why the blog post name is so? Overall it was an average meet with good food. 
@araijain choice of songs

Coming back to my love for music - It's very much limited to Hindi music which doesn't mean that I don't listen to other genres but I love our own hindi music. I have written about my favourite hindi songs in the pre-event blog. It will remains same after the event also.