Tuesday 25 July 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 20 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys, 

Week 20 is the week where I will be on the verge of becoming a 2k creator since it's been over a year since I reached 1000 subscribers last year on May-22. 

1. YouTube - The daily 5 YouTube shorts is going strong and sometimes I want to miss a day or two but once I have done a commitment, I don't listen to anything else. I have always believed that our spoken words create our future and we should always respect our spoken words. Despite having been sick since the mid of the previous week, I have had a lot of videos created earlier which I found and posted during those days when I could not create on the same day. This habit has really helped me reach 1996 subscribers by the end of this week. 

New Year Resolutions - Week 20 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

This week was totally focused on getting well and posting 5 shorts every day. We will focus on creating this whole post on the same. 

2. Launch Event - Huawei launched its new smartphone called Huawei P60 Pro at Kyalami on 18 May 23. The phone camera is really good and I totally loved it. I didn't get the phone to review and didn't get the chance to go to Dubai for the earlier launch event in Dubai despite posting all the press releases over the years which goes more than 250+ on this blog. I don't think I will be able to forget the same and this time they gave 2 tickets to one of their music events as a goodie bag for which we had to wait a long time as well post the completion of the event in Johannesburg. 

The other event I was invited to was to Nomad Restaurant launch in Montecasino where my wife and daughter went and they totally enjoyed the food. I also tried their Vegetarian pizza later which they brought home for me and I also totally loved the same. It had the middle easter flavours or let's say it had the amount of chilli and masala that I like in the pizza. 

There was another event that I missed as one was in Pretoria which was too far and Joburg one was in CBD that I missed due to the Huawei event at the same time. It was from Spotify Podcaster and I really wanted to learn the skill to start podcasting as well. I have to work on something of a storyline that I will start telling the world soon. 

3. Thank You - The count started from 69000 onwards and reached the 96000+ mark to close the week as the counter then went to zero by mistake. The counter sometimes gets hit at the reset button as I am picking up groceries from the car and then it goes back to zero. It always is a pain to see it getting to zero after reaching closer to 100k. Do you get the same feeling as well when the number is near and the device resets to zero? 

4. Reading Books/Listening to Audiobooks - This year reading or audiobooks have taken a backseat as I am not going for a walk every day. Last year I have that 1000km target but this year I am not following the same. Due to this I have not heard much of the audiobooks and have not read a lot of books as well. I am not sure when I will be able to bring back the fun of reading books this year as so far I have not done anything other than only checking the abstracts of the books using the getAbstract app. 

5. Stationery - Recently I have taken a lot of interest in collecting special stationery items like Fountain Pens and also contacted some brands to do some reviews. I am looking forward to going to the first Stationery Expo in Johannesburg next week on 25 May 2023. A lot of Indian brands are going to be there and I am sure I will get a lot of samples which I am going to review soon on my Youtube channel as well. If you want anything specific or anything you want me to focus on, please do let me know. 

I am sure I am intentionally focused towards going the video route as I am seeing a lot of interest from the general public in them. If you want me to review any app, any gadgets or any stationery items please do let me know. Give me a subscription also if you are on my channels! 

Aum Namah Shivay!

Till next time...Aashish
Thanks! Cheers!!!

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