Saturday 29 July 2023

New Year Resolutions - Week 22 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

This is going to be the final week of the month of May-23 and so far I have been great in being consistent to post 5 YouTube shorts every day for this month. I got 209 new YouTube subscribers because of this effort with more than 150+ shorts on my channel. Some performed and some didn't but at least they can pick up sometime in future as well. That's the only hope I am living on that someday one of my videos will go viral and I will get the Silver Play Button from YouTube on my wall. 
New Year Resolutions - Week 22 Achievements & Failures in 2023 #TheLifesWay
1. Entertainment - It was the week of the TATA IPL 2023 Finals between Chennai Super Kings and Gujarat Titans. It was an entertaining match till the last ball and it was great to see Dhoni lift the cup once more to match Mumbai Indians 5 times being the winner of this tournament. 
I also watched a nice simple movie Kacchey Limbu which is about a gully cricket team being formed and how the team gets to the finals finding their lifepath along the way. Radhika Madan stars in the movie along with Ayush Mehra and Rajat Barmecha. 
Then I was eagerly waiting for the ASUR Season 2 and watched all the episodes on the 1st of June. The ending is again kept for the possibility of another season but this season also tells the story of the antagonist in detail. It's a one-time watch but as seen the first season brought a lot of thrill which I can't say about the second one at all. 
2. USA Dreams - My brother and sister-in-law got their US Passports after spending all their life on different continents. It was really great news and I totally loved that they got what they wanted but after a lot of sacrifice, struggle and effort along with the money spent on the same. 
3. YouTube Shorts - I completed 155+ short videos for this month and crossed 2050 subscribers on my channel. Thanks to YouTube Shorts for taking me past 200+ subscribers in a single month of May 2023. The last time I crossed 200 subscribers was in the month of May 2022 when I did 207 in a single month. This time it was 209 subscribers in a single month. Thanks a lot to everyone who likes my kind of videos and shorts. 
4. Thank You - I started from 1500 onwards and reached 3000 when the counter again reset to zero. I started again and reached 15000 and then again the counter reset to zero. I again started and completed the week at 13000 counts. This to-and-fro mechanism on the counter is not good as I really want to finish the 100000 in a single go. The continuity is really good and you should also adopt this habit of being thankful all the time. 
5. Travel - I have a travel that's on my mind and I have already booked the tickets to Zambia at the end of the month. I really love watching the new spots and then sharing the same on Google Maps and recently I crossed 65 Million photo views on my profile with more than 17000 photos and videos shared for the general public across the world interested in visiting South Africa. 
There are a lot of things I do without any real benefits to me like sharing photos of various locations around the world. I am really grateful to the universe for everything that is being granted to me by the Lord Almighty Shiva. I now am living my own life without any external pressure and I need to think that I don't want all the things or gadgets of the world. I have limited time left on planet earth and I can only take so much as I need to take care of the stuff I own as well. Let's live stress-free, worry-free with the resources we already own and try to make the best use of the same and enjoy them as well. The things I don't enjoy using will be then gifted to my near and dear ones if they want to own them. 

Aum Namah Shivay!

Till next time...Aashish
Thanks! Cheers!!!

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