Thursday 23 December 2021

New Year Resolution #2 - Meditate Daily On Your Favourite Songs #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

A calm mind is a tool that can sail through the difficult of times with ease and that can come from something we know as meditation. In these stressful times, Meditation is something that can keep you close to yourself, sane and give you a vantage point to see things from a top view. I have not been doing it for many years now but I remember the way it used to move me to a trance state where I could see what is the hidden agenda or the potential just using the power of meditation. 

Meditation is a simple chanting or focusing in the space between the two eyes with eyes closed. You can also use a candle flame to focus on or also on your breathing nostrils. Whatever it is, just relax and let the thoughts flow and let the mind wander to some new worlds. Soon you will be able to focus on your chanting or breathing once all these mind wandering stop but keep a conscious decision to just let it all observe without any judgement of good or bad.
New Year Resolution #2 - Meditate Daily On Your Favourite Songs #TheLifesWay
Let me bring you a new kind of meditation that will really enhance your soul, heart and mind. We all have our favourite songs which we shall always keep referring back to in terms of the downloaded folder in the smartphone or desktop or laptop else you can use some app like Gaana, Spotify, Apple Music etc and create a playlist. I really love some songs for which I also won a laptop when I shared my playlist in 2013 with HP Connected Music. You can read the blog post here

Coming back to the meditation connected with music is that if you can't sit and focus on the breathing pattern or centre of eyes or on chanting any mantra then this can be something you can easily follow. I am definitely sure that it will bring in much more benefits over the long run. You will always feel happy and joyous if you do this mediation on songs on a daily basis as you get to listen to your favourite songs as well as with your eyes closed, you get back to all the thoughts floating around in your mind. As they change with the soulful melody in the background, more and more positive thoughts will flow into your mind. I am sure some old memories and crushes which were not fulfilled will also emerge as I associate each and every song with the year of my life. Sometimes these songs from various movies bring all those years back to mind but it's always useful as you can connect the dots and also check as to what you used to think at that time compared to now. 

It's so difficult to sit straight with eyes closed even for a single song but do it sometimes with your favourite song and sing it loudly if you want to with actions. It fills your life with all the positive things love is known for and you feel in touch with your emotions. Let me know how was your experience? and comment also the new thought leadership I am sharing with all of you guys!

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