Thursday 16 December 2021

#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearOnYoutube 2021 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber

Hi Friends, 

Youtube Creators does everything in their power to bring some kind of happiness to your face as you are one of their creators who put their time and efforts into making the videos that are shared with the world. You may or may not have found your niche still which is true in my case but still, I continue to create content for the second year on Youtube in a hope that someday I will find my true purpose and will get that calling from my heart. 
#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearOnYoutube 2021 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber
In the year 2021, I focussed on much more unboxing videos as stuff started to come through as the lockdown level were relaxed and I won so many contests and bought a lot of gifts from time to time. There are currently around 231 videos on my channels and I have divided them into three categories - 
  • Shorts - 51
  • Small (less than 5 minutes long) - 113
  • Full (more than 5 minutes long) - 67
#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearOnYoutube 2021 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber
Samsung and Huawei have the largest number of videos as they both stand at 18 in total and let's see how far they will reach in 2022. The category that has the most video is my own personal Travel which has 56 videos in total and fireworks which has 10 so far. 
#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearOnYoutube 2021 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber
All the comments, likes, watch time take efforts of all the followers and whosoever even watch a second of the video. I generally delete all the negative comments which I don't like immediately as well as other promotional ones where a link is given or mentioned. 
#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearOnYoutube 2021 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber
All these stats don't make any difference until and unless you are earning something from these stats and for me, that point seems still so far. I need to put in some brains and make a strategy to come out on top of the game. I am providing all the stats to connect the dots next year to whatever has been my journey on Youtube till that time.
#TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearOnYoutube 2021 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber
The best part is that I am creating a community on the go with all my videos. Even a single increase in subscribers matters as they will come back one day and bring in more of their family or friends and I may see an exponential rise. There are so many topics I want to create videos in and I am still confused about the language I should make them in - Hindi, English, Haryanvi or Punjabi. I think I need to remove all confusion and mix all of these languages to feature a real me as it is. 

I thank each and everyone who even watched my videos accidentally for the same and I hope to create much more meaningful videos in the future of 2022. I wish all the very best of this festive season to each and everyone on Youtube. THANKS!

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