Tuesday 14 December 2021

Grab the Heart of Gen Z: #GenZLab Launch in 10 Regions Across the Globe @SamsungSA

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Gen Z Lab, a collaboration among Samsung’s regional offices in Korea, North America, Europe, Central and South America, Southeast Asia and Samsung South Africa was officially launched on 5 October this year. The aim is to encourage meaningful communication with Gen Z – who will dominate premium consumption in the near future, and understand their unique needs.

The 73 members plan to collect ideas within the group to find a more familiar name for Gen-Zers to replace the name, Gen Z Lab. Playing a proactive role, they will plan and create marketing activities.

All members of Gen Z Lab have completed a training course, which was held online over the month of October. This workshop provided them with the information they must know for their future activities. Starting with understanding the brand insights of Samsung Electronics, the course includes various lectures from Kantar, a global market research institute, Facebook, and Stanford University. They also have the opportunity to learn about content creation and visual storytelling from successful YouTubers.
Grab the Heart of Gen Z: #GenZLab Launch in 10 Regions Across the Globe @SamsungSA
After completing the one-month training, these Gen Zers will listen to what their peer group wants by exploring various marketing activities. It will lead them to create and implement new marketing ideas for better products and services. The members are also expected to produce content focused on specific interests and the lifestyle of Gen Z in each region, as well as organise popup events and collaborate and partner with Gen Z’s favourite bands and artists.

Along with the individual Gen Z Lab in each region, the Gen Z Lab under the umbrella of the Global Marketing Centre will be in charge of global projects. Its additional role is to share the latest trends with executives to help their understanding of Gen Z and provide insights that can support the business decision-making process. To accelerate these activities, an advisory group will be organised and will collaborate with the consultative group in the business division and mentor groups.

“Gen Z Lab is a newly created organisation to connect with Gen Z across the regions including South Africa. We expect Gen Z Lab members to become true storytellers who can represent Gen Z customers in their own disruptive and creative ways,” said Dudu Mokholo, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Africa. Gen Z Lab has taken the first step in sharing a common goal across the globe. We root for creative and exciting marketing activities from Gen Z Lab members.”

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