Saturday 11 December 2021

5 Reasons Why @HuaweiZA #MeeTime is the Video Calling App of Choice

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Before the pandemic hit, video calls were only really something we did with long-distance friends and family. Video calls with clients were also rare unless they worked in another region or country. These days, however, many of us are on several video calls a day, and even as life slowly starts to return to normal, it’s likely that we are going to continue to use video calling platforms much more in the post-Covid world than we ever did in the pre-Covid one.

As you weigh up the options of the video platforms available to you, there are several reasons why Huawei’s MeeTime should be your video app of choice. Here are the top five:
5 Reasons Why @HuaweiZA #MeeTime is the Video Calling App of Choice
1. Full HD video calls
Unlike any of its competitors, Huawei’s MeeTime supports full HD video calls of up to 1080 pixels between Huawei devices, including smartphones, tablets and smartwatches. It manages to maintain this excellent quality even under poor network conditions, keeping you connected wherever you go.

2. Share screen functionality
MeeTime features a new two-way screen sharing function that allows you to share information while you chat with friends and family. This makes the experience even more real, almost as though you were talking face to face. You can use this functionality to ask friends for advice while you shop, or to help a friend with a technical glitch. Professionals will enjoy using it to share ideas with clients, partners and colleagues.
5 Reasons Why @HuaweiZA #MeeTime is the Video Calling App of Choice
3. Seamless connectivity
If you find yourself in an area with a poor network, MeeTime uses super-resolution technology to compensate for video quality in real-time. It also adapts to bandwidth changes quickly and easily, giving you a consistently smooth and seamless calling experience.

4. Low-light performance
Poor lighting conditions won’t be a problem with MeeTime. It’s equipped to perform well even in low-light environments. Thanks to Huawei’s facial recognition and optimisation algorithms, you can chat with friends who are several time zones away without any worry.
5 Reasons Why @HuaweiZA #MeeTime is the Video Calling App of Choice
5. Total privacy
Every audio and video MeeTime call is also end-to-end encrypted. This means you are guaranteed privacy whenever you are on a call with friends or family.

HUAWEI MeeTime is available on selected Huawei devices running on EMUI 9.1 or EMUI 11. To download MeeTime, you can go to HUAWEI AppGallery. You can also find more information here.

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