Wednesday 8 December 2021

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Dec 2020 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

It's the birthday month of The Life's Way blog which was started on 27-Dec-2012 and since then it has never looked back. I may not be getting the sponsored posts to make it a second income stream but I intend to pursue that goal in 2022. Let's give it a Fire in the belly kind of try in 2022. If anyone wants to work with me and use my influence however big or small it may be - then they need to be onboarded to make the payments else I will restrict myself to participating in online social media contests so that I can win more stuff to do more unboxing videos on my Youtube Channel.

1. 8 Years of #TheLifesWay #BlogAnniversary #8YearsofTheLifesWay #2222Post - I completed my 8 Years of blogging last year and it was the 2222 posts and in this year I am almost at 2500 posts before I close the year or write the 9th year post. These kinds of posts help me connect the dots and I can see what I missed or gained in the whole process. I love my blog and will continue to enjoy the same in the coming years and will see if I can create more video content.
2. #TheLifesWay on @GoogleMaps #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #LocalGuides #LetsGuide - Google Maps is one of the platforms where I can contribute and measure my performance on a daily basis based on the increase in the number of photo views and review views. I really like these kinds of tracking to just boost my ego as other than that I have not received anything from Google for the same. So it's just a charity programme which you do and forgets about. I will stop linking my ego to this programme going forward. 
A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Dec 2020 #TheLifesWay
3. #TheLifesWay on @Youtube #MyYearInReview 2020 @GoogleAfrica #Youtuber - It was my first year on Youtube and these were the stats sent by the Youtube team for my channel. I did put up a lot of videos in 2021 and let's see if the stats improved or not but still I am far from the 1000 subscriber mark and nor I have earned anything from the videos on any platforms. I still love creating videos and have a lot of unboxing stuff that I have to share with my audiences in the coming future. I can also do giveaways if any brands sponsor those. 

4. @SamsungSA Launches The Pioneering Curved #Gaming Monitor #OdysseyG9 - It's almost a year since this Gaming Monitor was launched and I am currently using the same. It's a full circle of life thought the screen is a 1000R curved or can be called a semi-circle. I am grateful to Samsung for sending the same for review. I am totally in love with this gaming monitor. 

5. Family Who Plays #ScrabbleSA Together, Stays Together @Mattel #8YearsofTheLifesWay - Scrabble South Africa team sent me this package to unbox and play with my family which I really loved shooting. I am thinking of more such activities on my blog posts and youtube channel. 

Last Year I was planning for India Travels as well as Dubai Trip at the start of the year and ended with a trip to Sani Pass. This year around I am not so sure where I am headed towards but wherever I am going to go will have some of the scenarios to keep me engaged with my family and fun with friends. I am thinking about what are my strengths and let's play on the same rather than comparing myself with others are doing. I have to live my own unique life rather than someone's else. I hope the Universe will grant me this knowledge to identify my own uniqueness and I wish the same for you!

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