Tuesday 4 January 2022

New Year Resolution #3 - Consistently Walk 20 KMS Per Week #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

Happy New Year 2022 Guys and have a great year ahead. I wish that you guys get whatever you set your hearts and mind on!

The next idea that I received was to divide the whole year into weeks which as we all know are 52 in total. Leaving 2 weeks aside then also we have 50 weeks for our dreams to realize. I thought that I will complete 20 kilometres per week so as to complete 50*20= 1000 kilometres by the end of the year. The main task will be to continue walking despite the weather, health conditions and it will average around 3kms per day which is also good as it will be around 5000 steps considering we are working from home for some time in 2022 too. 

New Year Resolution #3 - Consistently Walk 20 KMS Per Week #TheLifesWay

I have been a fan of walking and also did practice for 25kms MTN 702 Walk the Talk in 2019 and since that day Huawei watch has been on my hands measuring my performance day by day. It's really easy with a smartwatch as you can play music, check notifications and measure your daily walks too along with if any other sedentary habits or track water drinking too. The same can be done using a smartphone too if you are not a user of a smartwatch. It doesn't matter what instrument you are using as they are just a means to get to the goal we have set for ourselves. 

1000 KMS in a single year is a big task for me that's why I am dividing the same into a weekly 20 km goal as I tried to do it last year but could only reach 271 km without any plan whatsoever. I hope that dividing a big goal into weekly achievable goals can take me to the point I want to reach. 

I hope you are liking my new series of healthy habits and other motivational or inspirational thoughts I have learned over the 41 years of my life. Let me know as I continue to share my views with you guys to enjoy! 

Status Update: Completed 20+ KM in weeks (total walk in that week) - 

Week 1 - Completed (24.8); Week 2 - Completed (24

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