Thursday 16 December 2021

New Year Resolution #1 - Assign Each Day To A Loved One For Call Every Month #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends, 

I used to think a lot but never used to share what ideas I have in my mind and sometimes I will also forget them after a little while. After a while, I will see someone else tweet about it, or write a post about it and remember that I also thought about it way back but never did it or never shared it. So, it's the plan and action points which I will start sharing on my blog going forward with what is in my mind and what I intend to follow to keep a reminder for myself too. 

Some days back, I got an idea that I should have a short call with my family and friends as per their birth date each month and this way if called each month on the same day, someday it will be their birthday and it will also streamline my system to have a daily conversation with each and everyone in my family and friends list. I don't think I have more than 30-31 people whom I am so close with and if I follow this process I am going to be much closer to them till the time I live on this planet Earth. It can also happen I don't have people for some days and some people for the same day as I have never analysed that kind of data for birthdays of all my loved ones so it's an exercise that I intend to do on Google Sheets first or on my Bujo Journal using my Parker Vector Fountain Pen. 
New Year Resolution #1 - Assign Each Day To A Loved One For Call Every Month #TheLifesWay
The list is going to look like this - 
  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E
  6. F
  7. G
  8. H
  9. J
  10. K
  11. L
  12. M
  13. N
  14. O
  15. P
  16. Q
  17. R
  18. S
  19. T
  20. U
  21. V
  22. W
  23. X
  24. Y
  25. Z
  26. AB
  27. AC
  28. AD
  29. AE
  30. AF
I also got this idea while thinking about one of my friends on whose birthday I started my blog 27th December called me to say that a personal call as compared to a zoom call is much better. I didn't take his idea at that time but as I thought about it for months I came to this chart of action where I intend to call my loved ones for 5-10 minutes based on their availability too but on the same day it has to happen. To build relationships you have to invest much more time into it but for the start, it's a great point to be in. The medium to call can be anything from Google Duo to Facebook Messanger or Whatsapp or Telegram or normal call on a smartphone. 

I am sometimes not sure of calling people as I am always afraid of what they might say or it can be said I am under some kind of depression or sometimes if someone asks me for something and I won't be able to say No etc. Whatever the fear I am facing I have to take it on and Let's start with the calls. So friends or family - Life is Short and I will start this engagement right now! I hope you will like this idea too and let me know how we can improve on the same in your tweets and comments. Who knows I will have more than 31 by the end of some months that I will have 2 people to call every day based on their birth dates. 

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