Tuesday 8 June 2021

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It was a long wait but it was really worth it. The Family Man Season 2 arrived on 3-June-2021 on Amazon Prime Video online platform and I watched the whole 9 episodes in one evening. The web series keeps you glued to your mobile, tablet or TV screen and the story never lags behind. The wait for the second season has become longer due to the Tandav which was also launched on the Prime Video platform which raised a lot of questions about what to show and what not to show in the web series? Meanwhile, The Family Man keeps themselves glued to the right path with some verbal abuses here and there but didn't feature any religious agenda whatsoever. 

Manoj Vajpayee's character Srikant Tiwari is much more irritated along with becoming a commoner with a normal 9-5 job where he tries to fit in with a much younger generation. The kids are more grown-up and play a lot of tricks to make their way through their families. The kids have an important role to play as the girl gets kidnapped and a young love story is being shown too. Priyamani's character Suchitra was not given much screen space along with Arvind played by Sharad Kelkar. It's made obvious to what was not shown in Season 1 as she goes to a Counsellor played by Asif Basra who committed suicide during the Covid-19 times. It's still made unclear as she tries to tell the truth to her husband during the last few minutes of Season 2 setting a stage for Season 3 to be launched in future. The story will move to the North-Eastern states in Season 3. 

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Season 2 is focused on Sri Lanka - Tamil Liberation Front and Indian's enforcement caught between the local government and the rebels. As the forces close on the rebels, they got attacked and had to go underground for some years before the group becomes active again from several parts of the world. London is showcased nicely in this series and even Saravanaa Bhavan which is a famous South Indian restaurant is showcased from the East Ham area and is now in other areas too. The story also takes certain ISI characters from the last season and ties us to create a new story along with explanations to the pending questions in flashbacks from episode to episode. The attack target is the PM Basu played by Seema Biswas as she supported the Sri Lankan President Lasit Rupatunga played by Abhishek Shankar. The main focus is on the life of the character Rajalakshmi Chandran (Raji) played by Samantha Akkineni. She is a trained soldier as well as a pilot who survived the attack and is hiding somewhere in Chennai in normal boring life before the Plan is activated by one of the leaders of the cause. Her background story of abduction and how she joined the rebel forces is being showcased along with the various problems faced by the women in the local transports is being showcased too. She is really swift in action sequences and is the heart of Season 2. 

Sunny Hinduja plays Milind which I totally missed in Season 1 as he gained fame and fortune due to his role as Sandeep Bhaiya from TVF's Aspirants 5 episodes series. If you have not watched the same, go on Youtube and watch the 5 episodes based on UPSC Aspirants life, which is worth going to again and again. A small glimpse of a hidden advert is shown for SaReGaMa's Carvaan audio player as the teams start collaborating on catching the antagonists and they fight over the songs from Kamal Hassan's Saagar movie and Chennai TASC force member wants to play some Tamil songs. 

The story really moves fast forward and also throws light on the events which happened in the past. The team continues to chase the rebels whereas they are always one step ahead and sometimes the TASC team matches them to gain information using some of their network and resources. It's really a nice second part of the series which will make you a lot happier at the end of the series but will leave with more questions that may or may not get clear in the next season. All the other characters have played their role well and also a lot of North Indian and South Indian differences are showcased as the TASC team reached Chennai and takes the help of the local enforcement officers leading to a lot of comic relief from the thrilling storyline. A small love connection is being developed between the character of JK and Umayal played by Sharib Hashmi and Devadarshini. The friendship shown between Srikant and JK is something that you will also want in your life as to someone with whom you can share your heart without being judged. I really admired all the sequences between them throughout Season 1 and 2. I think my heart desires someone with whom I can do so too. Overall, you won't go wrong with this one and will leave you wanting more action and wanting to revise Season 1 again. Maybe you should watch Season 1 now and Season 2 tomorrow. Cheers!!!

RATING - 4/5

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