Saturday 19 June 2021

PATI, PATNI AUR PANGA @MXPlayer #Comedy #Drama #PatiPatniAurPanga #MXOriginalSeries

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As I told in my earlier post that you want to see all the series for a particular artist when he gains immense popularity and the same happened to Naveen Kasturia. I found another small 6 episodes web series on MX Player app named PATI, PATNI AUR PANGA which seemed like an adult comedy but the story turned out to be an eye-opener and really challenges your thinking. The director Abir Sengupta has really brought about the topic of the LGBTQ community with a good social message and really poses a lot of challenging questions to your ages-old thinking pattern. 

The web series stars Naveen Kasturia as Romanchak Arora, Adah Sharma as Shivani Bhatnagar along with Hiten Tejwani as Advocate Prem Prakash Tiwari and Alka Amin as Renu Arora - mother of Romanchak, Gurpreet Saini as Jeetu. The series is a little bit on the adult side of things which some of the words thrown all around in the episodes. Adah's has looked so beautiful and her beauty has been captured greatly by the cameraman too in all her scenes. Gurpreet players the character of Jeetu who is one of the best friends of Romanchak from childhood. Together they spend a lot of time making Romanchak's mother think that they are in love with each other and feels very happy when she is introduced to Shivani by Romanchak. 

PATI, PATNI AUR PANGA @MXPlayer #Comedy #Drama #PatiPatniAurPanga #MXOriginalSeries

The story revolves around a courtroom drama with some of the flashbacks going back to falling in love between Romanchak and Shivani. The whole drama is around the Shivani being Shiv before her marriage and undergone a sex-change operation to become what she was throughout her life. The question now arises about if the same was communicated to the groom before the marriage or not? There is a lot of situational comedy built around the topic and also a lot of questions gets raised during the courtroom drama on the problems faced by the girls and LGBTQ community in their daily environment. Hiten Tejwani has played the role of advocate very nicely and is a comical addition to the sometimes emotional drama happening in some of the episodes. 

This web series is a must-watch if you want to challenge and check your thinking about being in the situation from Romanchak or Shivani's point of view. The social stigma surrounding the topics which we feel we are cool about but when it happens to us our whole outlook changes. The romantic shots are really awesome and you feel the chemistry between the two stars. The courtroom scenes are also engaging and shot well. Overall this web series is something you can binge-watch and enjoy on the MX Player app for free. RATING - 3/5

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