Monday 14 June 2021

SKATER GIRL @NetflixSA #Movies #Sports #Skating

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If you want to watch something which has a lot of soul and will bring you tears of joy and pain at the same time and worth your every second spent in this 107 minutes long movie released by Netflix on their platform on 11-June-21. The Skater Girl movie spans a story of a village girl and her day to day life where she is helping her family doing household chores and not going to school because her school dress is now small for her growing body. Enter a girl from London named Jessica played by Amrit Maghera, who came to the village to search her father's roots from the place and incidentally meets Prerna played by Rachel Sanchita Gupta and her naughty little brother Ankush played by Shafin Patel. 

The kids are introduced to the skateboard as one of the friends of Jessica, Erick arrives at the village to meet her and brings a skateboard along with him played by Jonathan Readwin. The skateboard matches the design of something similar the kids used to play and Ankush is being dragged to school by Prerna every morning using a rope tied to one of the board with 3 wheels. 

The story is set in a small village Khempur near Udaipur some 40kms away from the city where Jessica arrives and brings about a change as her duty towards fulfilling someone's dream. She comes across that Prerna is not able to go to school just because of her school dress, she buys her the same and as Indian's we don't trust anyone easily, her mother is seen asking her what's her selfish motive and why did she accept the gift from her? 
Skater Girl @NetflixSA #Movies #Sports #Skating
Meanwhile, Erick's board gets popular as he tries to teach Prerna and she feels so free balancing on the same for the first time in her life. She tries to do it using her homemade trolley but it doesn't have the swiftness of the skateboard. Erick lets her keep the board which gets accidentally drowned in the lake. Jessica sees the spark in the kids towards skateboarding and buys them a whole lot of skateboards for everyone. As kids start to become normal with skateboarding making it a little difficult for the villagers as they start skating inside the markets and other spots of the village. The kids also start missing school as they are having more fun enjoying skateboarding. 

It's really a touching story as Jessica faces issues with the villagers and especially from Prerna's family for motivating her in so-called boys sports. She continues her fight and finally opens up a full-fledged Skateboarding park, the first in the state of Rajasthan with the help of Udaipur's Royal Family played by Waheeda Rehman. Meanwhile, Prerna continues to show some great efforts to learn the sport and puts in a great belief in herself to reach a place where she gives wings to her dreams and tries to fulfil them. It's really a nicely directed movie by Manjari Makijany and music by Salim-Sulaiman adds to the overall feel of the movie. A must watch I must say and kids will really enjoy the movie a lot. Acting is superb by each and every character and there is no dragging of the story. You won't want to stand up unless you have finished watching the whole movie in a single go. I totally enjoyed the same. 
RATING - 4.5/5

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