Saturday 19 June 2021

RUNAWAY LUGAAI @MXPlayer #Comedy #Drama #RunawayLugaai #MXOriginalSeries

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After the grand success of Aspirants, I started looking for more web series featuring Naveen Kasturia to check out his acting and came across this one on MXPlayer Digital Platform where a lot of web series are getting launched. They have been funded by Tencent and Times Group and moved into the OTT platform on 20 February 2019. They have a lot of good web series including Aashram for which Bobby Deol won the best performance male aware from Filmfare last year. 

Coming back to the Runaway Lugaai, the web series starts Naveen in the main role as a Judge Rajnikant Sinha, being led by his father MLA Narendra Sinha played by Sanjay Mishra. The story revolves around the relationship between father and son and that's the funniest part of the whole series. There are some of the courtroom drama that too brings in a lot of comical moments too. Naveen has played his role really well and has created great chemistry with all the artists he is shown closure to in this web series. Narendra wants to get the ticket for the next elections and wants to use his Judge son to clear all the cases on the current CM and his henchmen. There are certain secrets that get revealed as you go episode after episode which will bring you to the irony of life. 
RUNAWAY LUGAAI @MXPlayer #Comedy #Drama #RunawayLugaai #MXOriginalSeries
The Lugaai who is being chased is Bulbul Pandey played by Ruhi Singh. Rajni chooses to marry Bulbul when he goes to see his sister for an arranged marriage proposal but she has certain demands that one who wants to marry her should come on 10 white horses carriage. She is a tomboyish bold kind of personality and lives her life on her own terms. This gives Rajni some kind of power and freedom to go against his father as he starts to fall in love with Bulbul. Her role is limited in the web series as compared to the other artists shown throughout the series. 

Arya Babber plays Justin Biber aka Rakesh who is one of the friends of Bulbul from which she seeks help to run away to chase her dreams of becoming a movie star. Even the father of Bulbul, Dashrath Pandey played by Chittaranjan Tripathy whose acting is really matching the level of Sanjay Mishra. Both of them have created a lot of funny moments throughout this web series. 

Runaway Lugaai is a 10 episode long web series on the MX Player app for free and can be easily binge-watched in a single sitting. There is nothing much in terms of being extraordinary but if you are a fan of Sanjay Mishra or Naveen Kasturia, you can definitely watch the same. Even if you don't want to watch, you can save your time for sure. There is a small role given to Ravi Kishen too to bring in star power but there is nothing much overall in this web series. Also, this is an adult comedy so don't watch it with kids and there are some scenes too as the whole story revolved around marriage and thereafter. 

RATING - 1.5/5

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