Wednesday 23 June 2021

Saving The Planet One Meal At A Time @SamsungSA #SamsungGasCooker

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Samsung’s new gas cooker benefits both customers and the environment

This year Samsung launched its innovative, new gas cooker in South Africa. The Samsung stainless steel gas cooker has arrived at a time when gas cooking has become more relevant in the country than ever before. The design is aligned with the needs of South Africans as well as Samsung’s mission to explore sustainable ways to respond to climate change across all aspects of its business operations. The stylish gas cooker offers greater versatility in the kitchen as it is powered by five burners, including a Triple Burner, a Rapid Burner, and a Simmer Burner. Beyond its well-considered design, the gas cooker is clearly going to resonate with many in a country where mealtimes are often interrupted by the frustration of load-shedding. Not only does gas cooking ensure you can still cook, but it is also energy efficient so it plays an important role in conserving the environment.

Unlike a conventional electric stove that requires you to wait for the plate to heat up, a gas stove heats up instantly. It gives you better temperature control so you can swiftly change from lower to higher temperatures, as professionals have known for a while. Gas cooking makes it easier to control the heat by adapting the flame, bigger or smaller for precise changes in heat. You can now get a heated stove closer to the temperatures recommended in recipes you love. Your pots, pans and even woks will heat up much quicker, which means you can get dinner ready more efficiently – with less power use.
Saving The Planet One Meal At A Time @SamsungSA #SamsungGasCooker
As many of us in the country are aware of how power failures can damage electric stoves and other appliances. When they are disposed of, these damaged products contribute to the ever-increasing industrial waste burden the country faces. While the smooth tops on induction cooking tops of electric stoves won’t have this problem, they are not as sturdy as the metal grates of a gas stove. This is another reason a gas stove is a great investment in the long run. Additionally, gas is simply cheaper. With the seemingly endless rise in electricity costs, the initial price of a gas cooker is easily offset over time. That’s the incredible potential of gas cooking to save costs, meal times and the environment. Every meal made places less stress on the household and the country’s natural resources, and ultimately its an amazing way to enhance your culinary skills.

Here are a few of the features that make the Samsung gas cooker a wonderful addition to your normal cooking routine:
  • The Power Grill Heater is 2-step adjustable to cook different types and quantities of food.
  • Its High Grill quickly and evenly cooks big dishes or a large number of items simultaneously.
  • The Low Grill can cook small amounts of food while it effortlessly saves energy.
  • You can enjoy perfectly grilled food, much faster.
  • It includes an intuitive Digital LED display that lets you check the cooking time and mode at a glance.
  • The cooker’s timer function alerts you to turn off the oven when a dish is ready.
  • A storage compartment under the oven cavity provides a handy place to keep dishes, pots, pans, and other oven accessories or your favourite serving dish, so you can find everything quickly.
This Samsung gas cooker is available at participating retailers at a Recommended Retail Price of R17,9991. It comes with a 2-year warranty and Signature Service². This premium service offers customers free delivery and installation.

Saving the environment just got a lot more satisfying!

1Price may vary depending on retailer pricing policy
² Terms and Conditions apply

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