Saturday 12 June 2021

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Lupin Second Season or the next 5 episodes were released on Netflix yesterday on 11-June-2021 and I have been waiting for the storyline to complete and eagerly people must have been wanting to see the conclusive end to Diop's revenge story. I loved watching the show but the show this time was not as engaging and everything was so clear that you could predict what's going to happen next so easily. I think it was a marketing strategy of the Netflix team to divide the show into 2 parts considering the first 5 episodes are really something worth watching and the next five are not up to the mark. 

Coming to the second season, it consists of 5 episodes where they start of the beach in France and Raoul gets kidnapped. The story of chase begins which continues for some episodes and then the next episodes bring the same old story of making a girl fool as we have seen in multiple movies via chance encounters where everything is planned. This series also focussed on the friendship between Assane and Benjamin Ferel as police and Pellegrini's men both try to catch them. Some new characters are also introduced in these episodes which doesn't leave as much impact and they seem to be fake from the start and you could predict what they are up to. 

A lot of flashbacks are shown as to when Assane Diop's character as a kid starts to do the first small robbery for someone he loves i.e. Claire and gets caught. Some scenes are showcased about his father getting recruited by Hubert Pellegrini. A lot of focus has been showcased on the voice calls and using some software to do the changes and making anyone fool using the extractor tools. Youssef Guedira is able to find Assane but unable to get hold of him along with the other police officers. He then becomes a whistleblower within his police force to catch all the participants in the murder of Diop's father. 

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The second season is more about daring and less about the classic theft and using the charm as showcased in the first one. There is nothing that will inspire you out of curiosity as to how Diop will perform the next robbery but it will be something you will be able to calculate and think about by yourself. But you should definitely watch the same so as to get the conclusive end of the story. It's not something you wished for but it's something that's practical and more physical. I think the director's focus has been inconsistent as far as the second season is concerned though the trailer looked good. It always happens as when you try to close some story, you try to tie us all the loose ends and in that process sometimes you are not able to create as remarkable as season 1 was where the story was building up. 

It may happen with the other series Money Heist too as they are still building up the storyline in the last 4 seasons and the final season is divided into 2 parts which will give conclusive end needs to be checked if it matches the intelligence level of the professor or not? Meanwhile, we can definitely go and watch this one on our favourite platform of Netflix

RATING - 3/5

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