Saturday 6 June 2020

SPACE FORCE @NetflixSA #WebSeries #Comedy #Drama

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Space Force is an American Comedy-drama on Netflix which is currently running and worth every second of your time. This web series was launched on Netflix on 29th May 2020 and is created by Greg Daniels and Steve Carell who plays the lead role as General Mark Naird who is tasked to start the United States Space Force and put the boots on the moon by 2024 by the POTUS. Lisa Kudrow plays Maggie Naird, wife of General Naird and Diana Silvers plays Erin Naird, daughter of General Naird. John Malkovich plays Dr. Adrian Mallory who is Chief Scientist at Space Force. The show is a comedy-drama that plays the fight between the various departments within the US agencies and the fight between the force and the brains. There is always a fight between the might of the brain vs might of the ammunitions. Jimmy O. Yang plays Dr. Chan Kaifang and Tawny Newsome as Captain Angela Ali.

Space Force Season 1 consists of 10 episodes which run for around 35 minutes per episode. The comic timing of Steve Carell needs no introduction and the cast contains many people represented from all over the world. There is an episode where they mention India and Prime Minister Modi that's because of the fact that India is growing to be a superpower and Netflix can't win if it is not able to harness into the Indian Markets of video on demand. The season is launched around the same time SpaceX and NASA are working on the commercial launch of the #LaunchAmerica program to reach International Space Station and it definitely brings the interest of people around the world into a series which is kind of science fiction along with setting the boots on the moon.
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General Naird not only needs to take care of the growing demands faced by various agencies and POTUS but also within his family he needs to take care of. He also needs to fight against the minds and risk-taking abilities of scientists which he thinks are very less as compared to the people in the forces. His way of looking at things is totally different from his team of scientists and sometimes he learns from them and sometimes they learn from him. This web series showcases just the tension between various relationships General Naird has with his various resources at the base camp while he discovers himself too.

The Space Force despite the huge star cast is not binge-worthy as it goes very slow and events are situational and the General then finds his way through the same on a day to day basis at the workplace and in his own family life. It's the story of survival as the Space Force and taking the people on the moon with various variables entering the situations on a day to day basis. The Chinese space program is what Space Force is competing against and it's the same kind of humor American TV series, and movies focussed on Vietnam or Russia or Hitler earlier from Rambo to many other movies by just including new types of social media channels into the equation especially twitter. Overall, if you like to watch workplace tensions in a comedy series based on the mission to the moon without any kind of logic then do watch the same and you won't regret it because Season 2 will also come as they end the Season 1 on suspense and much more to look forward to. RATING - 3/5

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