Monday 8 June 2020

#TheLifesWayReviews - Money Smart by Vilochanee Naidoo #MoneySmart @Vilochanee #BookReview

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Money Smart - How to Be Finance-Savvy and Live a Wealthy Life is written by Vilochanee Naidoo who brings all her knowledge gained in her 21 years of experience in Finance and Procurement with various Blue Chip companies. Money Smart is a very thin book of just about 102 pages containing 12 chapters on various topics from Income, Budgeting, Buying a car, Buying a property, Financial Wellness, Savings and Investments, Shopping Principles, and Managing Contracts and Obligations amongst various other topics. 

It's quite an easy financial book to go through as compared to the others which take you on the route by various American authors where they mostly mention the IRS and other forms but this book specifically focusses on South African millennials and students who have just started their career. I received this book at the start of the month and yesterday night I completed the same from the first page to last page in around 2 hours as I thoroughly enjoyed reading the same. 
#TheLifesWayReviews - Money Smart by Vilochanee Naidoo #MoneySmart @Vilochanee #BookReview
The book doesn't delve deeper into the nitty and gritty of the topics but gives you lessons learned kind of practicality to keep your expenses within certain percentages which are actually followed by financial consultants and advisors throughout the world. If you follow her advice, I am definitely sure that you can enjoy your life with whatever income means you have while creating multiple sources of income on the go. The starting chapter is a little bit longer as it explains the need for this book for the South African economy and could have been cut shorter but once the main topic comes the book flows from one topic to another quickly. The book seems to be a compilation of various financial articles, speeches, and blog posts written by the author and made into a book format but none the less, you are getting the same in a hard copy format without any efforts so go for it. 

The book tries to change your money quotient to work on your goals, feed the same to the Universe, and then build an ecosystem as explained in The Secret by Rhonda Byrne using the law of attraction. I have been using the same principle since the first time I saw the Secret video in 2008. But am I financially independent? No, but Am I financially savvy? Yes and this book validated my learnings over the years that if I continue working on my goals, then I can definitely achieve financial freedom one day in the near future. As she says mentioning Investopedia that by the age of 40 - 3 times your annual salary in savings, at age 50 - 5 times and at age 60 - 6 times shall be in your bank accounts. I think I have achieved the first portion as I will complete 40 years on 22nd July this year and now need to work Money Smart towards the next phase of life from 40-50 years of age. Thanks
#TheLifesWayReviews - Money Smart by Vilochanee Naidoo #MoneySmart @Vilochanee #BookReview
Money Smart can be bought hardcopy from as little as R350 or eBook for R199 or via kindle at R66. More information about the book can be found at
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