Monday 8 June 2020

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Shadaa means someone who is having trouble finding a wife in Punjabi language and that's what the whole movie is about and this is one of the best Punjabi movies I have watched and this one is 2nd top-grossing Punjabi movies (1st being Carry on Jatta 2) of all times. The irony is that the total revenue of the movie is just equal to the first-day performance of any Bollywood movie by Aamir, Salman, or Sharukh Khan and from the recent times from Tiger Shroff and Hrithik Roshan called WAR. 

Shadaa is written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu (Nikka Zaildar fame) and stars Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa in the lead roles. The movie was released on 21st June 2019 in cinemas and I watched the same on Amazon Prime Video platform some days back. Sonam Bajwa makes a special appearance in the opening song ''Tommy di Jeans''. Diljit plays Chadta, a wedding photographer who has gone past his 20s and now in his 30s and many girl parents have discarded him as a good groom. It's shown in the movie that they used to have around 45 chickens and are left with only 9 as they grilled and cooked all others to serve it to bride families who visit to see their boy. Ravinder Mand plays Jalandhar who works as an assistant in his photography business.
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Neeru Bajwa plays Vanjhali, a wedding organizer but still unmarried due to her own choices and 2 years elder to Chadta. The movie is all about Chadta trying to woo Vanjhali during the various marriage events in Punjab and Rajasthan. The movie does offer a fresh perspective as earlier all Punjabi movie revolves after trying to find an NRI boy or girl to go to Canada or any other foreign countries. This movie doesn't use that theme though the marriage showcased have one of the NRI's involved. She is not given as much importance as the focus is more on the character of Chadta and his family but nonetheless, she brings the beauty and glamour on the screen.

The movie raises many questions despite being comedy on the equality rights between the bride and the groom's families which really touches your heart. Diljit is able to play his character amazingly well and the act with the plastic dolls will make you laugh out loud or maybe rolling on the floor. The comedy is mainly between the Chadta and his parents played by Anita Devgan and Hardeep Gill.  To add to the fire of his family and friends, a Pandit Ji tells that he won't be married in the next 7 births as has 365 marriages in his earlier birth and that's a funny story in itself. There are no extras used to bring in comedy scenes and being the focus on Canon cameras and photography, the photographs are showcased in great light along with several new ideas for pre-wedding shoots.

The movie really offers something unique and the love chemistry is totally amazing between the lead artists and we are seeing them again after the famous Jatt vs Juliet series of films. I totally love Punjabi films and the comedy punches in this one really made my stomach ache due to laughing non-stop. Enjoy the songs and the great locations from the Rajasthan - Jaipur and many other areas. It's the best 2 hours you can spend during any of these days to destress yourself and the best part is that even if you don't know Punjabi, Amazon Prime Video offers subtitles in many languages of your choice. RATING 4.5/5

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