Sunday 7 June 2020

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We always have some of the other questions which raise some kind of doubts in our mind. Earlier when there was no Wikipedia or the internet, people used to read about the same in the library in some of the printed books or old newspapers. They will dig deep into all the news articles, encyclopedias, and specific books written on the topics of conspiracies. We are always intrigued by the unsolved mysteries in our lives and our brains are automatically attached to solving those on our own. 

Netflix series on Conspiracies showcased 12 episodes 42-44 minutes long on various mysteries that still are open for discussions where people have all kinds of opinions. The List of those episodes are underneath - 

  1. Nazis - Has Hitler actually killed himself or it was staged and he escaped? 
  2. The Royal Family - Mysteries related to the Royal families and their affairs? 
  3. The Cold War - How did it all started and who was behind this? 
  4. Disappearances - Looking at some of the famous deaths and disappearances
  5. The Hollywood Files - Various mysteries related to the film industry
  6. Aliens - People claiming to have encountered some kind of mysterious life from other planets
  7. Assassinations - Mysteries surrounding the deaths of JFK, Pope John Paul 1 and others
  8. Murder at the Vatican - Roman Catholic church and the mysteries related to the establishment
  9. Faking the Moon landings - Whether the moon landings were just staged to beat Russia space program? 
  10. Pearl Harbour Coverup - Did it actually happened or could have been saved because they got information beforehand? 
  11. Drugs, Pop, Punk and Death - Various music artists like Jim Morrison, Rolling Stones and mysteries related to them
  12. The Lockerbie Plot - The mysteries related to 9/11, Pan Am Flight 103 and many others
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Each episode covers some of the questions you might have and they will give you both sides of the arguments and keep the discussion open for your brain to further delve into those topics. The series is from 2015 and I watched the same last year but somehow kept thinking should I reveal the plot or what shall I say about all these things. But this is one of the topics that will have different impacts on every brain as someone might have more interest and well-read on certain topics and for the other, it will be the first time. It does open your mind to don't take anything whats showcased to you without any further investigations. Always check and challenge all that's taught to us by our schools and colleges. It's always great to research and digs deep into the topics you find interesting. We now have unlimited resources at hand which can help us in the same venture like the internet and Wikipedia and other sources which can really give us some perspective. 

Do check out these amazing 12 episodes and learn a lot about history and how people, countries and governments used it to their advantages? Mark Bazeley is the narrator behind all these documentaries. RATING 3/5

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