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Tuesday, 23 June 2020

Fuel Your Passion with New Score #PassionFruit @DrinkScore #ScoreEnergyDrink

Hi Friends, 

Score, the energy drink with attitude, has launched a brand new taste sensation that will fuel your passion and take your vitality to the next level. I received the same yesterday along with a cooler bag and opened up one of the cans to drink one in the warm afternoon. 
Fuel Your Passion with New Score #PassionFruit @DrinkScore #ScoreEnergyDrink
New Score Passion is a blast of sparkling passion fruit with a double shot of Guarana for that natural caffeine kick and a healthy dose of B Vitamins. Stay on track and discover the re-energising power of Score when you are feeling drained, pulling an all-nighter or on the beat with friends. 
Fuel Your Passion with New Score #PassionFruit @DrinkScore #ScoreEnergyDrink
Mix up your Score Passion by adding some fresh fruit for added flavour and turn it into a cheeky mocktail, perfect for any occasion. 
Fuel Your Passion with New Score #PassionFruit @DrinkScore #ScoreEnergyDrink
Taurine free and big on taste, Score Passion is the ultimate energy drink to help you reach your potential. It’s available in mega 500ml cans in leading outlets selling at around R10 per can. I really loved drinking the Passion Fruit version and it really is equivalent to the one I generally drink at the restaurants but comes added with a lot of energy. 

Check out and get in on the action at, or @drinkscore on Twitter and Instagram.

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