Monday 15 June 2020

SHOOTER Season 1 @NetflixSA #TVSeries #Action #Thriller

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I watched the Shooter Season 1 on Netflix after I watched the movie on the same name some years back starring Mark Wahlberg based on the novel Point of Impact by Stephen Hunter. 

I totally loved the fast-paced action thriller Season 1 which keeps on the edge but as it comes towards the last few episodes of Season 1, there is a lot of double crossings, triple crossings and multiple crossings between the same people where everyone is using everyone and not killing anyone whereas as a viewer you know that they have to kill them eventually. I think the first season could easily be reduced by 2 episodes to keep it to 8 episodes rather than 10 episodes of 45 minutes each on the average.

Shooter features the story of a Marine Sniper Bob Lee Swagger played by Ryan Phillippe who has retired and now lives with his wife Julie played by Shantel VanSanten and daughter Mary played by Lexy Kolker.
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Shooter Season 1 focuses on Bob Lee getting trapped into the assassination attempt of the American President and killing of another Top official from another country. Now the group behind the same never thought that Bob Lee will survive and they thought they will be able to take him out but somehow he survives and the struggle starts. Cynthia Addai-Robinson as Nadine Memphis is an FBI officer who catches Bob Lee and Omar Epps as Isaac Johnson who earlier used to be the Commanding Officer of Swagger and who brought Bob Lee back from retirement to save the country and put him in this position.

How Bob Lee Swagger survives the jail and comes out of the same along with finding the clues behind the whole planning and execution? and how the group behind the assassination starts feeling the heat once Swagger is on the run and how he gets support from Nadine is the whole storyline behind the 10 episodes in the first season of 45 minutes each. As this is a fast-paced story, new characters are regularly introduced and then taken out from time to time. Swagger is shown to be a great sniper and the story goes into flashbacks too where his life along with Donny Fenn, a spotter played by Rob Brown is showcased in various missions leading to Donny's death.

Overall, Shooter Season 1 will really keep you on the edge of the seat and you can definitely binge-watch the series. The whole series has 3 Seasons and about 31 episodes in total and Season 1 has 10. I finished watching Season 1 on Thursday and Friday evening till it got finished. The season was first showcased from 15th November 2016 onwards on USA Network and now is available on Netflix. RATING 3/5

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