Wednesday 11 October 2017

The Importance of #SocialMedia Screening @FamaHire

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With the increased importance of social media in social life, it is only reasonable that social media presence plays a greater role in the hiring process. The analysis of the social media accounts of applicants allows a greater level of filtering than has ever before been possible. Using social media screening, companies have the ability to weed out candidates that would reflect poorly on the company's brand and reputation.

A social media background check allows a company to identify red flags in candidates before they are hired and even before an interview takes place. Instances in social media of crime, bigotry, and violence are warning signs that can be used to disqualify applicants early in the process. This is a process that keeps the company a safe place to work and increases the value of each hire.

It is critical to the brand of a company that employees have a social media presence that not only does not reflect poorly on the company but creates positive brand awareness. Employees not only represent themselves on social media, but also the company, even when using personal accounts. It is increasingly important to screen candidates on their ability to present themselves, and thus the company, well on social media, as well as a general lack of anti-social behavior.

The Importance of Social Media Screening #SocialMedia

It is also crucial that recruiters understand the risks inherent in utilizing information found on social media for screening applicants. Choosing not to hire someone on the grounds of race, sex, sexual orientation, age, or religious beliefs can lead to discrimination suits that would cost a company vast amounts of money in damages. Ensuring that hiring is done on the basis strictly of merit is the caveat of social media screening.

Social media analysis can be used to determine whether or not an applicant would fit with the company's values. Employees functions as much as ambassadors for the company as anything else in the information age. The company will be judged for the presence of its employees on social media. Therefore, it is crucial to screen the applicants well for social media statements that are contrary to the company's values.

Using an automated social media analysis system like Fama can be useful to mitigate the resources needed to investigate the background of applicants and also prevent allegations of discrimination. An automated system allows the easy screening of a pool of applicants in a far shorter time than a manual investigation would. This is more relevant than ever with the entry of the millennial generation into the workforce, that often have literally thousands of social media posts, making a social media check sometimes impossible to accomplish to any meaningful depth without use of automated analysis tools. As social media becomes more prolific and the intensity with which it is used increases, performing social media background checks becomes simultaneously more and more important and more and more difficult.

It has become a necessity for companies to screen applicants on the basis of their social media presence. Doing so has the ability to weed out applicants that display anti-social behaviors such as violence, bigotry, and crime. Greater screening of applicants on the basis of their social media background and how they represent themselves and will represent the company as employees creates a better work environment.


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