Wednesday 4 October 2017

@SkullcandySA Brings An Immersive Bass Experience #Crusher #Wireless @LuksBrands #rAgeExpo2017

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The Crusher doesn't just play music, it delivers a complete audio experience that you can feel from the moment you put it on. This headphone replicates the ‘live concert’ feeling. Pair this sensory experience with an accessible price point and a style that's unmistakably Skullcandy and you've got the Crusher Wireless. You have to feel it to believe it.
@SkullcandySA Brings An Immersive Bass Experience #Crusher #Wireless @LuksBrands #rAgeExpo2017
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless
The Crusher was designed with premium materials and engineered to emphasize fit, comfort and durability. The headphone features a flexible headband, an amplifier and a battery in the ear cup to drive the level-adjustable subwoofer, removable/replaceable cables and collapsible earcups for easy stashing. The Crusher is also equipped with an auto on/off smart circuit that senses when music has stopped playing and turns off the amp automatically. This greatly improves battery life and removes the need for a power switch.
@SkullcandySA Brings An Immersive Bass Experience #Crusher #Wireless @LuksBrands #rAgeExpo2017
Stereo Haptics provides directional bass you can feel
Supporting the premium build and acoustics, Bluetooth® technology offers up to 40 hours of wireless connectivity and device-free control over music and calls. Sealing out all distraction for an absolute immersion into your music, the refined acoustics of the Crusher Wireless provide a noise isolating fit like never before. With memory foam ear pads and a premium design, these headphones look great and fit comfortably. A foldable design makes for a compact package when not in use, letting you take the immersive stereo haptic bass experience anywhere.

The new Crusher VRA™, features stereo haptic bass drivers that deliver directional bass you can feel, ferrofluid integration for broader, cleaner bass response and refined digital signal processing (DSP). This proprietary set of features combine to create industry-leading immersion and a premium multi-sensory experience. 
@SkullcandySA Brings An Immersive Bass Experience #Crusher #Wireless @LuksBrands #rAgeExpo2017
Skullcandy’s Crusher Wireless offers a unique bass sensory experience derived from "dual driver" technology
Skullcandy Crusher Wireless is priced at R2,499.00 For purchasing enquires, visit: The headsets are available to buy at the rAge Expo 2017 and comes with a special gift from Skullcandy with all wireless headphones purchases at the expo from 6-9 October 2017.   

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