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Monday, 2 October 2017

Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica

Hi Friends, 

I completed my 10th year in the IT company I have been employed since 2007 after my post-graduation of Master in Business Administration. It's been a long time and I wanted to really unwind myself and SA Commuter to my rescue and asked me go and check out the Sangiro Lodge in Bloemfontein. What a lovely property this one is! I really enjoyed and loved my 3 nights stay there at this property in one of the self-catering chalets in the lovely and picturesque outskirts of the capital city of Bloemfontein, South Africa. 
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Sunrise at Sangiro Lodge
Sangiro Lodge is one of the properties belonging to Bains Lodges which is headquartered in Bloemfontein itself. As we reached in the afternoon, we got the keys to our chalet no. 7 and said no to the breakfast as we wanted to make our own food and enjoy some relaxed meals. 
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Reception and Restaurant at Sangiro Lodge
Our chalet was right in front of the long territory of animals from Zebras to antelopes to Giraffes to ostriches and peacock. There is a crocodile also right in front of the small restaurant where breakfast is also served every morning. It was like staying in the jungle but without any fear of carnivorous animals. 
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Chalets and other rooms
Each chalet has 2 rooms along with a kitchen, bathroom, drawing room and a balcony opening towards the braai area. Each evening and morning peacock and ostriches starts roaming around your rooms in search of food. Kitchen has enough utensils to prepare your own meals but I did miss the coffee table in the TV room as it was difficult to hold the plates in the hands.The rooms are fitted with centralized air-conditioning as it can be quiet hot during the day time. I loved watching the Wimbledon Semi-finals on the TV while enjoying the surroundings and away from hassles of the city.
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
View from Balcony
Every morning and evening at Sangiro Lodge, I watched the sunrise and sunsets and the view was simply stunning. Main bedroom has the whole wall made of glass sliding door and you can watch the sky and stars and the vast lands right in front of your chalet. You could see all the animals drinking water from the water body right near the N1 highway and then vanishing into the mountains behind the rooms of the lodge. 
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Ostriches looking for food around chalets
Sangiro Lodge offers multiple types of accommodations for each type of commuter and stay-cations requirements. The honeymoon rooms are lovely and best kept on one end of the lodge to stay away from any disturbances whatsoever. The one room suites are right in front of the main reception and has all the facilities to make your stay comfortable and Shell Ultra City is just a kilometer away. 
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Chalet - Main Bedroom
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Chalet - Second Bedroom
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Chalet - Drawing room
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Chalet - Kitchen
While staying at the Sangiro Lodge we had the opportunity to visit Bains Lodge and various other points of interest in Bloemfontein. Botanical garden is nice and a great place to unwind. There are good markets and great shopping malls to visit in the lovely city of Bloemfontein. Windmill Casino by Sun International is one of the properties to go and visit. We had a lovely encounter with Gru and Minions during our time there and my daughter loved meeting them. 
Hotel Review - Sangiro Lodge #Bloemfontein @LodgeSangiro @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Sunset at Sangiro Lodge
In the end, I would highly recommend this place for a night stay on your road trip to Cape Town or just there to enjoy the city of Bloemfontein. I would love to stay there every time I pass this property. Thanks to Geniene for arranging the stay there and Kudos to Bains Lodge for maintaining this property. For more photographs of the property, do visit my page.


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