Sunday, 8 October 2017

Product Review - @AcerAfrica Swift 7 Laptop #Swift7 #AcerForBlogging

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Acer Africa has been a trend setter in terms of launching new technology in the market - be it gaming devices or the business notebooks they are always one step ahead of the competition. I had the opportunity to review several of their devices from projectors to laptops and I loved playing with them a lot. And when they went back after 2-3 weeks of review period, they left a big void in my life which I am unable to fulfill.

Swift 7 is one laptop which I can beg for, borrow it and never return or steal it forever because of it's lovely aluminum exterior design and only 0.39 inch thick which makes it the thinnest and light weight laptop to carry everywhere. The full weight of the device is just merely 1100 grams in total. I loved the Golden and the black matte combination which it makes it visually pleasing and catches your eyes and of the others too. Mind it, take care of this device else you might lose it too as people will be envy even Apple users. 

Product Review - @AcerAfrica Swift 7 Laptop #Swift7 #AcerForBlogging
There is no compromise on the capabilities of this laptop and I was extremely pleased with the sound output of the Swift 7 as compared to the other thin notebooks I have seen earlier. Swift 7 combines the technology of Dolby Audio premium and Acer's own TrueHarmony to give a surround sound effect. The speakers are on both sides at the end of keyboard and start of touchpad on the edges. They are much louder and you will enjoy all your content directly on the laptop without the need of external speakers. 

Let's talk about the display on this thinnest laptop as it features a 13.3 inch full HD display with IPS technology giving 1920 X 1080 resolution. Also the Corning Gorilla Glass protects the screen in case of drops. The visual display is crisp due to the Acer Color intelligent software which dynamically adjusts the gamma and saturation in real time to bring forth the best results and viewing pleasure to the eyes by adjusting the brightness, screen color and saturation. The only thing missing in this display is the touch screen which would have brought a lot of meaning to this amazing technology. I hope in the future versions of the device, we will see a multi-touch display so that our habit of smartphone extends to the laptop too. 

Product Review - @AcerAfrica Swift 7 Laptop #Swift7 #AcerForBlogging
With claimed 9 hours of battery life powered by 4 Cell-2770 mAh Li-polymer, you don't need to carry your charging adapter around for a day's work. The touchpad is wide and precise along with the keyboard which has spaced letters. I didn't liked the fact that it was not backlit but may be my version didn't had that feature. In this age of technology, we need backlit keyboards on all laptops, may be the next version of Swift 7 will have the same. 

The processing power of Swift 7 is astonishing with Intel Core i7 Processor clocked at 1.3GHz and 8GB of RAM and 512GB of Solid state drive works harmoniously to transfer the contents and work to play the same without any glitches. The input ports are USB 3.1 Type C and you need some upgraded tech to transfer contents to your hard disks. Windows 10 Home edition is the base of this laptop and runs smoothly using all the hardware that could be built into this small and thin durable body. The price of this Swift 7 device is on a higher side starting around ZAR 21000 and is expensive to purchase but with the features it offers, you can check if you love Windows OS or Apple MAC OS. The same is also available to buy in mega deals at

I simply love this Swift 7 device the first time I saw it at an Acer launch event, but I would wait for touch screen and backlit keyboard version. But if Acer sponsors me this unit, I will manage without those 2 features also as my old laptop is now 7 years old and might meet its end soon. Also, The Life's Way will complete 5 year on 27th December 2017 so hoping there might be some things Universe has planned for me too.

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