Tuesday 17 October 2017

@SiemensHomeSA Introduces stepFlame® Technology #SiemensHome #stepFlame

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Many people in South Africa use gas cooktops as they are more reliable than electricity sources when compared. Gas offers immediate heat, less wasted heat, even heat distribution, is unaffected by power cuts, has cheaper operating costs, is cleaner and more environmentally friendly. However, the largest drawback when it comes to gas is the fact that temperature cannot be selected precisely. This causes frustration as one constantly has to monitor the heat while cooking.
@SiemensHomeSA Introduces stepFlame® Technology #SiemensHome #stepFlame
Recently Siemens launched a new range of gas cooktops using patented stepFlame® technology that regulates the gas output with precision. Known for their German engineering, revolutionary technology and innovation, this new range of cooktops allow users to select a desired power level. stepFlame® technology allows the user to select from 9 different flame levels to precisely adjust the flame height, giving the user consistent and repeatable results with every use. Visual flame control is no longer necessary and simmering is possible. Expect one thing from a cooktop more than anything: uncompromising performance. Users don’t have to wait longer to enjoy perfectly cooked meals, the new gas cooktops offer an enhanced performance range for impressive dishes – regardless of how many portions they cook. 
@SiemensHomeSA Introduces stepFlame® Technology #SiemensHome #stepFlame
How does it work?
The innovative and patented valve technology regulates the gas output precisely and noticeably from level 1 to 9. This new technology offers a range of benefits:
  • Convenient handling
  • Timesaving
  • Cast iron pan supports maintain their attractive appearance
  • Quick and easy cleaning with lowest power efforts, dishwasher-proofness as the pan supports can be simply be put in the dishwasher for cleaning
“Nine different hit levels thanks to stepFlame® technology. You never have to turn around again to see how high the flame is. All the guess work comes to an end thanks to stepFlame®. With this innovation, you always have complete control over the heat under your pans. Thus, your dishes are delightful and your guests happy. During the development of new technologies, our experts are always looking for the best combination between usability and comfort. In the design of our new hotplates you will find both so that you can amaze your guests. The Siemens gas cooktops set new standards from all angles and provide more space for creative cooking”, said Lisa Greenwood, Siemens Communication Manager.
@SiemensHomeSA Introduces stepFlame® Technology #SiemensHome #stepFlame
The 90cm Ceramic Gas stepFlame® technology hobs will arrive in South Africa towards the end of September 2017 while the 60cm will arrive towards the beginning of October 2017. The 90cm Stainless Steel Gas stepFlame® technology hobs will also arrive towards the end of September 2017 and the 60cm will arrive towards the end of 2017. Costing for these gas cooktops are available on request.
@SiemensHomeSA Introduces stepFlame® Technology #SiemensHome #stepFlame
Siemens Home Appliances is the brand that provides its customers with a captivating product experience - a brand for the unexpected and exhilarating new opportunities in life. This brand contributes to the metropolitan lifestyle with architectural aesthetics and timeless design. In terms of technology, the brand’s focus on connectivity and flexibility has enabled them to become the world-wide market leader in innovation. For more information about how Siemens can help you to bring recipes to life through innovation and technology, feel free to visit their website; https://www.siemens.com/za/en/home.html.

For more information about the Siemens stepFlame® you can visit their website, http://www.siemens-home.bsh-group.com/uk/stepflame.


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