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Monday, 2 October 2017

Photo Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica

Hi Friends, 

Bains Lodge is an another township right inside the Bloemfontein where you don't need to go out unless you have job or work outside. Everything you want is right inside this complex be it barber shop, car wash, groceries shop or full fledged independent bars/pubs to even action football stadium - this property has everything to help you enjoy your stay at this lovely property. 
Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Bains Lodge Main Entrance
This property has people living on monthly rental plans as well as for overnight stays.
Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Bains Lodge Reception Entrance
The reception is full of stuffed wild animals decorated all over the place and their sheet size and stature will take your breathe away.
Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Bains Lodge Reception
The pool side is amazing to enjoy a warm cup of coffee and have the view of the property.
Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Bains Lodge Poolside
The restaurant serves breakfasts for its guests along with other snacks throughout the day.
Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Bains Lodge Restaurant
The rooms are stacked in different building and provide ample of space to make it your own.
Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Another view of the Bains Lodge Poolside
This property is worth a visit and will take you away from the city noise and rush. You don't have to stay to enjoy various pubs located inside the property.
Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Bains Lodge Room
The rooms are spacious and good enough to make you rest properly. The rooms are well ventilated and clean. The property is gated with security cameras all around and your car is parked inside the locked parking if you are staying for long and will need access card to go out.
Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Bains Lodge Corridor
The corridors between the building offers a different view and no one is similar to the next one making it worth a morning or evening walk. It also offers a platform to meet new people staying in various rooms inside this property.
Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
It also provides enough space for vegetation to flourish and makes the view amazing. I really admired this concept and fell in love with the same.

Hotel Review - Bains Lodge #Bloemfontein @Bains_Lodges #SouthAfrica
Lovely place to walk inside the Bains Lodge

Bains Lodge are well taken care of by its management who are quick in their response and takes well care of its guests too. The prices are reasonable and it's a great place to stay overnight on your road trip to Cape Town or any other city on N1. Go check it out and enjoy your stay! 


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