Tuesday 10 October 2017

@SamsungSA and Open Networking Foundation #ONF Host #ONOSBuild2017 #SDN #NFV

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Samsung Electronics and the Open Networking Foundation (ONF) recently hosted the Open Network Operating System (ONOS™) BUILD 2017 conference at Samsung’s Research and Development Centre in Seoul, Korea. SDN developers and contributors from all over the world gathers to migrate to the future by sharing, learning and hacking together to take open source to carrier-grade heights.

The ONOS BUILD is a large-scale developer conference where industry experts gathered to share, discuss and hack together, to build next-generation Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Network Functions Virtualisation (NFV) solutions using the ONOS. The ONOS is an open source SDN network operating system designed for assuring carrier-grade solutions.

Following the inaugural ONOS BUILD in France last year, more than 300 participants across the industry attended this year, ranging from open source developers and contributors from the academic community, to operators and vendors. This event consisted of the ONOS roadmap, Central Office Re-architected as a Data Centre (CORD™) for ONOS use, a community showcase and a Hackathon.
@SamsungSA and Open Networking Foundation Host #ONOSBuild2017 #SDN #NFV
In line with the telecommunications industry’s growing awareness and perception of open source, this year’s event was expected to act as a catalyst which would foster the commercialisation of carrier-grade SDN in the global telecommunications market. This is a significant leap from last year’s inaugural event which was organised with the aim of establishing a strong initial foundation for SDN technology.

“The innovation for next-generation would be unleashed by open source communities and I am confident that ONOS plays an integral part in paving the way for the software-defined architecture,” said Sohyong Chong, Vice President of Virtualisation Platform Lab at Samsung Electronics.

“Samsung is excited to contribute and connect developers who are fuelling innovation to make new visionary challenges into real SDN networks. Since joining the ONOS project in 2016, Samsung has been actively contributing to the development of each release and is working closely with the community to help develop commercial level SDN solutions,” said Guru Parulkar, Executive Director of the ONF.

“We are thrilled they volunteered to host this year’s ONOS Build, to bring together a large community of developers who have extensive experience working on SDN. Those gathering here share a keen interest in driving forward the ONOS SDN Controller and associated projects that rely on ONOS. This global effort will help further the work of the ONF and the broad impact we are having on the networking industry,” concludes Parulkar.

Samsung has been involved in the commercialisation of virtualised products in cooperation with leading Korean operators and are actively working towards the expansion of virtualised solutions such as fully-automated network slicing solutions. Samsung plans to hold multiple trials beginning at the end of this year.

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