Tuesday 10 October 2017

#TheFrame Elegantly Converting Your Home Into A Gallery @SamsungSA #SamsungTV

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The television set, changing the way we engage with art, has arrived. With the advancement of beautiful functional art, The Frame television produced by Samsung, acts as an artwork of your choice, blending into your home and making art a part of your daily life.

The Frame, which received the Best of Innovation award at CES 2017, is a 4K UHD television designed by Samsung in collaboration with the world-renowned Swiss designer, Yves Behar. It combines brilliant colour display technology with elegant design, 100% personalised to your taste. What sets The Frame apart as a feature in your home, is not only the display capability, but also the interchangeable bezels which can be changed according to your taste and the feel that you want to create.

When not used as a television, motion sensors keep the screen on as an artwork and light sensors adjust the screen brightness for optimum display, making it useful as well as beautiful.
#TheFrame Elegantly Converting Your Home Into A Gallery @SamsungSA #SamsungTV
As an art lover with walls covered in magnificent works, a big black television need no longer deduct from the look you are creating. The Frame mounts flat against the wall right along other artworks and photographs, enhancing your collection and conforming to your interior design style. If wall space is limited and you prefer The Frame to be a standalone feature, an elegant studio stand can further enhance its look.

Much to the delight of yourself and your guests, the Samsung Collection which is included with The Frame, consists of 100 works from 37 artists over 10 genres. Whether you enjoy pencil drawings, watercolour paintings, abstract art or photographs, you can curate your space. For additional options to personalise The Frame, visit the online Art Store to view and purchase work by internationally famous artists. This can either be on a permanent or monthly basis, to ensure each personalised art collection remains fresh and contemporary. Partners include: Albertina Museum; LUMAS; Magnum Photos; Saatchi Art and Sedition.
#TheFrame Elegantly Converting Your Home Into A Gallery @SamsungSA #SamsungTV
If you are an aspiring artist or a keen photographer, programme The Frame to display the work you created. You can also display family pictures, selecting your own mount board style and colour. So, after an overseas holiday or a photoshoot with loved ones, make a selection of the most memorable shots and proudly display them on The Frame.

“Essentially this ground-breaking marvel of a television will enable consumers to decorate their homes with an impressive digital collection of internationally renowned works of art which include architectural photography by Todd Eberle and Nacho Alegre, works from Tobias Rehberger’s 2016 series Screensavers and mixed-media collages by Barry McGee, at a small fraction of the market value,” said Justin Hume, Chief Marketing Officer, Samsung South Africa.
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