Thursday 19 May 2016

Product Review - LG G5 @LGMobileSA #LGG5PlayMore #Smartphone

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It's been a while that I fell in love with the camera on a smartphone device, last time I remember I really liked HTC One M9, Samsung S6 and LG G4 cameras but with the launch of latest LG G5 the capabilities of smartphones have increase multifold. The best part of LG G5 is it's amazing modular body which gives you power to create your phone as you like. You can have multiple batteries available, can listen to high fidelity Bang and Olufsen amplified music and have a full fledged point and shoot camera accessory. All these things are called the LG G5 Friends as they enhance and support the phone through thick and thin.
LG G5 #LGG5PlayMore #thelifesway #photoyatra box
“I began to realize that the camera sees the world differently than the human eye and that sometimes those differences can make a photograph more powerful than what you actually observed", As rightly pointed out by the Galen Rowell, LG G5 dual rear cameras really takes your photographs to a new level. I had the opportunity to click several amazing pictures throughout my two three weeks of review device. Check out some of the photographs I took using the camera on instagram with #LGG5PlayMore.
LG G5 #LGG5PlayMore #thelifesway #photoyatra battery
LG’s new flagship, the G5, is equipped with two rear-facing cameras, one with a traditional lens (16MP, f1.8) and another with a wide-angle (8MP), 135-degree version. The latter is approximately 1.7 times wider than those of existing smartphone cameras lens, allowing users to capture more subject matter in a single photo. This is why the G5's second lens' near-fisheye field of view has proven so essential, given how carefully it has been integrated with the main camera. Now your landscapes photographs will be awesome. I am really going to miss the LG G5 when I will go to Drakensberg and other parts of very soon. The LG G5 features a collection of powerful photo effects including Pop-out Picture, Film Effect and Auto Shot. 
LG G5 #LGG5PlayMore #thelifesway #photoyatra Modularity
The software to control the dual camera is upgraded version from LG G4 and one can easily switch between the two in the camera app. I really loved that without moving your feet, you can take photographs of the whole large group as well as portraits of small number of people. The phone also allows to take RAW images and gives you total control of the camera in manual mode. Also the SD card can take 2TB of card so as you carry on clicking your photographs. I checked the file size in JPEG format is nearly 6MB per photograph and reaches 10MB per snap while shooting in RAW format. 
LG G5 #LGG5PlayMore #thelifesway #photoyatra Friends
I really loved the display of LG G5 and games like MMX Racing looked wonderful on the phone as well as text documents. The phone is fast to process different games and apps and never got warm when I played the games or took a lot of photographs. The only time it got warm was during the fast charging and that too only little warm. I have always used the top of the end smartphone for my personal use and HTC One phones I use have the best of displays. G5 has 5.3in Quad HD IPS display producing 554ppi giving superb visual quality.
LG G5 #LGG5PlayMore #thelifesway #photoyatra Mall of Africa
Mall of Africa, Johannesburg using LG G5
The removable battery on G5 is 2800mAh which comes with fast charger unit and can be fully charged in around 80-90 minutes when plugged in electrical power source. It easily gave me more than a full day usage when I played MMX Racing (10 tickets) multiple times each day. LG G5 comes with marshmallow Android Operating System enabling you to stay on the top of the latest technology. The processing speed is awesome with it's Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor with 4GB of RAM.
LG G5 #LGG5PlayMore #thelifesway #photoyatra Dual Camera
The build quality of G5 is really great and comes with the latest USB Type C charging port where the cable can be used both ways just like lightening cable used in Apple devices. Though it's a new addition but I really felt helpless as I could not attach my old OTG Android drive to post photographs on Instagram. The only solution was then to use the built in memory of the device or the external Micro-SD card that can be inserted along with the nano-SIM slot on the right hand side of the phone.
LG G5 #LGG5PlayMore #thelifesway #photoyatra Flowers
The other side of the phone has a small button to use the modularity of the phone. The battery can then be taken out revealing a seamless body with which anyone will fall in love. The only problem I faced was the resetting of setting like time/location etc when taking the battery out of the smartphone without any active nano-SIM. I also felt that the body doesn't attach as seamless as we want it to be once you have taken the battery out. Maybe I was using a demo unit which must have been used several times on display so that mismatch has developed but as this feature is still new, it will take time to be precised. 
LG G5 #LGG5PlayMore #thelifesway #photoyatra O R Tambo
The back volume buttons as you must have seen in LG G4 has been moved to the sides and now sits on the left hand side in LG G5. The speaker slots are on the bottom of the phone along with the new Type-C charger. The headphone jack is on the top side along with infrared sensor. I felt speaker slots gets covered by my hands while playing the games in a certain fashion and you had to revolve the smartphone by 180 degrees. 
LG Health
Manual Mode Camera Settings

Going with the punchline of the product - "Life's Good When You Play More" the LG G5 allows you to definitely do more at the same time. The package contains the fast charger and Type-C USB cable in the demo unit. I really want the phone back as the same felt the right size in my hands and is lightweight with metal alloy body which is non-slippery. There is so much to talk about this phone about which I have already posted on my blog. This is one phone which you can use daily without any problems faced and TheLife'sWay would definitely want to use it as day-to-day usage smartphone if sponsored by LG South Africa


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