Sunday 29 May 2016

Product Review - Acer C205 LED #Projector @AcerAfrica #TheLifesWay

Hi Guys,

Acer Africa sent me a LED projector and when I received the bag from the courier guy, I thought they forgot to send the same but as I opened the small pack I really felt grateful for what the technology has to offer to the world. Never had I have seen the projector so small other than those which are built in tablets and handy-cams. I immediately fell in love with the brand and started using the projector right away. 

The first thing I loved about is the size and the projected screen quality the device is able to produce. It hardly weights 300 grams and is shipped with a nice soft cloth leather mixed Acer cover to accommodate and protect the LED projector. The same can be carried around easily in your bag pack or even in your tablet bags. This makes it very easy for professionals and other users to showcase their work in front of many people in a single go. 
Product Review - Acer C205 LED #Projector @AcerAfrica #TheLifesWay
The box contains two cables to connect the Acer projector to an Android phone/tablet (MHL Cable - HDMI to micro-USB) and other cable is HDMI to HDMI one. The box also contains the AC to DC power adapter to charge the built-in 3980mAh battery. The great thing about this projector is that you can charge your smartphone too in case required. The battery is enough to stretch through a normal English movie of 95-110 minutes in full charge in ECO mode. 

The MHL cable gives you the possibility to keep it really small as you can just download your presentations in your android or windows mobile and connect your LED projector to showcase your work to your clients anywhere anytime of the day. I loved watching Youtube video's of my favourite TV serials and some of my clicks from the recent holidays on the big wall of my home. I simply attached the Acer projector with the small mobile camera stand and projected on the wall. It was good to setup like that because then the projector is stable and you can simply sit on you bed and watch your content. 
Product Review - Acer C205 LED #Projector @AcerAfrica #TheLifesWay
Specification document says that the Acer LED projector Lamp will last for 20000 hours in Normal mode and increases by 50% to 30000 hours in Economy mode which means you can watch unlimited content for the next 3.4 years nonstop. It is amazing value at the price range of R7000-7500 from various online stores in South Africa. 

The brightness that Acer LED Projector is able to produce is 200 lumens which is enough in a dark room or when viewing in the night but your heart wants more brightness when the room is slightly lit and you are projecting bigger than the resolution capability of 1280X800.
Product Review - Acer C205 LED #Projector @AcerAfrica #TheLifesWay
The audio capability of the Acer LED projector is 2W stereo output which is good if you are watching in a small room. You can increase or decrease the volumes using the touch panel buttons on the top of the projector. The fan noise is 20db which doen't interrupt the fun you are having watching movies at this LED projector.

The Acer LED projector can be directly charged as well as play using the AC to DC power adapter. Once it's fully charged it easily lasts for about 110-120 minutes of video audio output. The USB port  provided in the rear portion of C205 can also charge your smartphone in case of emergency.
Product Review - Acer C205 LED #Projector @AcerAfrica #TheLifesWay
Overall this is awesome buy if you want something handy in the LED projectors and the market has opened up for this kind of small projectors as LG and other companies have also launched the similar kind of products. But I loved Acer Africa's C205 LED Projector and would love to buy it myself. Thanks to Acer for sending the product for review. Looking forward to review some more cool gadgets in the future.


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