Wednesday 18 May 2016

Watch, Hear And Enjoy More With The #GR5 @HuaweiZA #Smartphones #SouthAfrica

Hi Guys, 

Huawei has launched a series of G Smartphones and here are some of the amazing features in GR5
More delicate: graceful and great appearance
  • Simple and elegant design, with an integrated aluminum alloy body
  • GR 5 is naturally designed, with a perfect workmanship in every detail
  • The new product comes in three high-end metal colors: gold, grey and silver
  • Super Visual Field, 5.5” big screen, Full-HD (1920*1080 pixels) resolution, which easily meet all your needs in and out of work.
Better to use: innovative technology and craftsmanship
    Huawei GR 5 #thelifesway #photoyatra
  • The brand new second generation of the fingerprint identification technology greatly improved the fingerprint recognition rate from the first generation, making it smarter, safer and quicker.
  • Through fingerprint touching, the notification panel can be conveniently pulled down for practical use.
  • The Qualcomm Snapdragon 616 CPU makes the smartphone operate faster and more fluently. 
  • The 3000mAh battery supports a longer standby time, resulting in a worry-free mobile life.
More beautiful: perfect photo-taking
  • The 13-megapixel rear camera with F/2.0 large aperture supports an independent metering function, which can automatically adjust highlights and shadows in the image. The use of an advanced de-noising algorithm presents better HD pictures.
  • With the front camera’s 88-degree shooting range and the panorama mode, users can easily get a panorama picture at any time, and explore the beauty of the world.
  • Various kinds of interesting shooting experience include time-lapse mode, good food mode, slow motion and “Perfect selfie” function etc. 
  • The modified beauty algorithm and the 5-million-megapixel front-facing camera can optimize the beauty effect ultimately. 
  • The “Perfect selfie” function brings the more beautiful self out in users by the intelligent face recognition technology.
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