Tuesday 31 May 2016

Product Review - BeoPlay H2 #Headphones @BangOlufsenSA #BeoPlaySA #TheLifesWay

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Bang and Olufsen has been in the market since 1925 when the company was founded by Peter Bang and Svend Olufsen. The brand has been the pioneers in various products from time to time. The first headphones Bang and Olufsen introduced in 1978 was called U70 and forty years later they are leaders in the niche segment of headphones. They have collaborations with various computer, telecom and automobile brands to use their technology to enhance the end users audio experience across platforms. I have always been a great fan of earphones and headphones. I have bought so many and my luck is like if I win any twitter or facebook contest, the prize from that will be of headphones. Bang and Olufsen is one brand that is still not in my kitty but I would love to have the Active Noise Cancellation ones if given an opportunity. 
Bang and Olufsen H2 Headphones a #thelifesway #photoyatra
Bang and Olufsen introduced H2 designer headphones in 2014 which are designed by Jakob Wagner. I got the review device to test and write about and as soon as I saw the device, I immediately liked it a lot. From the packaging to the end product, you get what you paid for. This one is priced at around R3500 in South African market. 

Bang and Olufsen H2 Headphones b #thelifesway #photoyatra
BeoPlay H2 headphones are available in 5 colors namely Deep Red, Shaded Rosa, Carbon Blue, Silver Cloud and Feldspar Green. I was reviewing the Deep Red colored headphones and the packaging contains the headsets along with a cable with three-button remote and microphone. The buttons can be used to play and pause the track as well as to receive and reject the phone calls on certain iOS devices. The button can increase and decrease the volume also of the music being played. 
Bang and Olufsen H2 Headphones c #thelifesway #photoyatra
Bang and Olufsen H2 weights only 155 grams and sits tight on your ears. They feel comfortable due to its design of the earcups made of genuine lambskin. The left and right is marked on the mesh design of the earcups.The length of the headphones can be adjusted using the push in and out design to sit on your ears. As H2 are On-ear headphones so it becomes a necessity to adjust them properly so as to get a nice noise isolation experience.  The headphones can be rotated to sit around your neck while not in use giving a necklace kind of style with earcups resting on your chest. 
Bang and Olufsen H2 Headphones d #thelifesway #photoyatra
The other side of earcups is made of rugged textile which is also used to cover the top portions of headphones. This is the thing that brings color to these headphones. Though the cloth kind covers will be durable but are susceptible to dust, oil and water. They can easily get dirty if not taken  care or are touched while eating etc. It's this design that brings all the pleasure of buying and spending some extra money on H2. I was thinking that the packaging will also contain some kind of cloth bag to carry headphones around but nothing was included in the review unit. 
Bang and Olufsen H2 Headphones e #thelifesway #photoyatra
The sound quality is produced using the 40mm neodymium magnets which give nice output and pleasure to the ears. Even at top of the volume option on my iPod Shuffle, there was no noise on the headphones. It performed nicely even at low volumes and audio was crisp and clear. The bass is not as much as Beats Solo HD produces but sufficient to give a nice surround sound effect. As they sit comfortable and tightly on you head and ears, they give immersive audio experience which takes you places in your music world. 
Bang and Olufsen H2 Headphones f #thelifesway #photoyatra
In the end, I could not find much difference in audio quality from the cheaper Sennheiser headphone which are one fifth of the price and Bang and Olufsen H2. Though there is significant difference in the style and packaging of the product. There is definitely a market for audiophiles who wants to show what they are wearing around their necks and ears. Bang and Olufsen H2 will take you to an amazing new level of respect among your peers for not compromising on money to get great looking niche headphones. I would love to use these H2 as my day to day headphones and only thing I would love to get from Bang and Olufsen is Android cable included in the packaging and a canvas bag to carry these headphones if I am unable to wear them around my neck. 


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