Wednesday 25 May 2016

World Can Be Saved With Collaborative Efforts @TsogoSun @MonteCasinoZA #BirdGardens

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Sometimes something happens around your world which makes you believe in humanity that it can really bring about the necessary change in saving the true human nature and the world we live in. Community member Flora Ndadza and her family, of Cambell just outside of Musina, were instrumental in saving the life of a female ground-hornbill caught in a snare. They managed to free her and knowing she was an important bird they kept her in a cage and tried to feed her mice and grasshoppers they had caught. 
The ground hornbill if free to fly #thelifesway #photoyatra
She was however too stressed and badly wounded to eat but was spotted by a local farmer who had come to buy pigs. He got in touch with the Mabula Ground Hornbill Project who have been working to protect the species in the Limpopo River Valley since 2000. They, together with Leon de Jager, head of the Limpopo provincial conservation agency, were able to rush her through to Montecasino Bird Gardens where Dr Katja Koeppel was able to successfully operate. 
Dr Katja Koeppel operates on the ground hornbill #thelifesway
Two weeks later, thanks to the care from the team at Montecasino Bird Gardens she had healed well enough to be returned to the wild. Both Gauteng and Limpopo conservation officials were also able to expedite the permits required to move her back before the stress of captivity became an issue. This was a massive collaborative effort to keep a female ground-hornbill safe so that she can return to the wild to do what is so desperately needed by this Endangered species – to be able to rear another generation. 

For more information contact:
Lucy Kemp
Mabula Ground Hornbill Project


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