Friday 13 May 2016

My Life #MyGoogleZA Way @GoogleAfrica #Apps #SearchEngine

Hi Guys, 

Google as I understood is something that brought the world closer to me and my awareness suddenly grew multi-fold to make me what I am today. Search Engine kept breaking all the fundamentalist attitude I had towards life. It broke all those shackles of superstitious I grew up with and challenged them in my brain to amend the same. 
freedom-day-2016 Google Doodle - #thelifesway #photoyatra
Google Doodle - South Africa Freedom Day 2016
Gmail (by invite only) brought my friends and MBA assignments closer to work on the same as well as built-in-chat function which saved a lot of time. Orkut has testimonials written over by my close friends to showcase how wonderful I am or it was the Google technology behind that? 

YouTube made me realize that I no longer need to go outside my home to find a teacher to learn photography or playing guitar but can work out on my own using the videos people shared from around the world. Now I have access to all the libraries of knowledge and even Geniuses in the areas can be my teachers without any payments to be made or admissions to be taken in universities. 
Android Keychain #thelifesway #photoyatra
Google G1 brought “Android” in my pockets and along with the same my wandering in search of addresses was resolved with Google Maps slowly building itself with camera fitted cars going around the town worldwide to give me Street view. It helped me greatly on vacations as I could see beforehand where I am getting to. Not only I could see the city but also the beautiful planet with Google Earth

I kept saving my words and thoughts on the Google Drive and today I can still see all the shared planning files I had for my marriage 8 years ago with my wife.

That’s my and TheLife'sWay Blogger journey too with #MyGoogleZA and I hope yours will be exciting too!


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