Thursday 19 May 2016

@HP_S_Africa Continues To Drive #Printing Into The Next Era #PrintingReinvented

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HP Inc. South Africa launched more than 15 new PageWide, OfficeJet Pro and LaserJet printers, and new Secure Managed Print Services offering to customers and partners in Johannesburg. 
HP South Africa Printing Reinvented #thelifesway #photoyatra
“Digitalisation of information plays a key role in business transformation. In an era where businesses are re-defining themselves and facing tougher competition than ever before, digital transformation is helping organisations gain business advantage in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. Whether you are part of a global enterprise or a solo-entrepreneur, your ideas are your currency, and we know that presenting those ideas persuasively is one of the most competitive tools you can have, it is why we do what we do,” says Ravi Perumal, Country Category Manager Print Business, HP Inc. 

The portfolio of printers launched today aims to assist companies of all sizes accelerate the digitisation of their business processes. Digitisation of paper-based processes is certainly a starting point, adds Perumal. 
HP South Africa Printing Reinvented #thelifesway #photoyatra
HP Inc.’s new portfolio of business printers, includes: 
  • A new brand of HP PageWide printers that provide professional color, low cost of ownership, fast speeds, great energy efficiency, and our best in class security management features;
  • New OfficeJet Pro printers that deliver affordable, professional color and big performance in a compact package for small businesses;
  • New LaserJet printers with phenomenal laser performance, print-shop quality color documents, and best value for black-and-white printing; 
  • HP Secure Managed Print Services to help customers secure their print environment with our deepest embedded security.
HP South Africa Printing Reinvented #thelifesway #photoyatra Trailer
A new era of Business Printing with HP PageWide
HP PageWide Technology is a proven, reliable scalable print technology developed by HP that has delivered more than 140 billion high quality digital pages via HP printers including large format printers and web presses. Early next year, HP will further expand the reach of PageWide Technology to redefine the copier market with a new portfolio of A3 printers and multifunction printers (MFPs). The new HP PageWide business portfolio will be available through channel partners and at select retail stores.

New Additions to the HP OfficeJet Pro and LaserJet Pro families
The expanded HP business printing portfolio also includes new HP OfficeJet Pro and HP LaserJet printers, rounding out the options available to customers. In the last decade, HP has created and firmly established the ink in the office category, offering small and medium businesses professional quality ink-based colour printing at up to 50% lower cost per page than lasers. The HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 series features HP Print Forward Design to provide customers productivity with high speeds in a space-saving designs helps preserve office real estate. These new printers also include enhanced manageability and security features, seamless mobile printing
HP South Africa Printing Reinvented #thelifesway #photoyatra Printer
The HP LaserJet family provides customers with print shop document quality, fast speed and professional black-and-white printing. The new LaserJet products include Original HP Toner cartridges with JetIntelligence technology enabling the industry’s most advanced laser printing platform that offer lean, fast, smart options to help customers accelerate their business.

Reinventing protection with Secure Managed Print Services 
Today HP is also introducing HP Secure Managed Print Services (MPS), a new Managed Print Services (MPS) offering focused on security. This enhanced service reflects HP’s defense-in-depth approach to delivering our best in class security management available today. HP Secure MPS provides security experts with the ability to help customers secure their print environment with end to end comprehensive security protection and then maintain security over time to address evolving threats and compliance requirements.
HP South Africa Printing Reinvented #thelifesway #photoyatra Cyber Resilience
HP Secure MPS advanced protections include:
Our most secure printers with self-healing capabilities
  • Security software to detect threats as well as protect, monitor and manage the printer fleet 
  • Data encryption to better protect confidential data
  • Reporting for regulatory and compliance audits
  • Security expertise to co-develop a comprehensive print security plan
HP has also updated HP JetAdvantage Security Manager software, the policy-based printer security compliance solution, to enable greater visibility into what firmware updates have been applied across the HP printer fleet. This feature enables customers to see which of their printers are protected by HP’s advanced printer security including: HP Sure Start BIOS protection, whitelisting and run-time intrusion detection. In addition, HP Enterprise printers can now be monitored for malicious activity by the SIEM (Security Information and event monitoring) tool Splunk.

I really loved going through the amazing capabilities of these HP Printers and with more than 200 security settings you definitely are safe as you build your Cyber Resilience for home as well as office networks. 


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