Wednesday 17 April 2024

Stationery Review 61: Parker Urban Premium Ball Pen - Executive's Top Choice For ZAR 500

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I have been a fan of Premium Pens and when it comes from a brand like Parker, I have bought numerous pens in all shapes and sizes from them. Here is a look at one of the pens from the Parker Urban Premium Pens series. This is a ball pen and I bought it for its premium Purple colour from Onedayonly online retailer. I am a big fan of fountain pens but that's top-of-the-range pens so goes really fast in a sale. Enjoy and subscribe to my channel, this is one of the most seen videos on my channel from the Stationery playlist. 
Stationery Review 61: Parker Urban Premium Ball Pen - Executive's Top Choice For ZAR 500

This is one of the best-looking pens I have had in my arsenal for the past several years. I bought the same in one of the daily deals from the online retailer - One Day Only in South Africa. I really love the metallic grip and the purple body with awesome texture. 

OneDayOnlyCoZa usually has a stationery sale once or twice a fortnight and they are selling various local brands along with the esteemed Parker Pens. This used to be my most expensive pen as I had never bought such an expensive pen before. 

If you love stationery products, do check out my channel where I am bringing all the brands from around the world in the writing instruments and notebooks space. I have plenty of videos scheduled daily going forward. The channel has now more than 115+ videos on the channel only related to various Stationery products. 

I bought this pen in the sale and I don't remember the price now but it must be around ZAR 500 which I must have paid but the actual price is much more than that. Keep watching for the items that you want in your life and can then grab them as their price drops. 

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