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SuperSport United and HUAWEI Collaborate with the Launch of nova 12i #nova12iKeStar

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Get ready for a new star: SuperSport United FC and HUAWEI's nova 12i Launch Redefining Stardom in South Africa

SuperSport United FC and technology partner HUAWEI have joined forces to introduce new stars to the HUAWEI nova series; launching under the HUAWEI nova 12 Series is the HUAWEI nova 12i, the HUAWEI nova 12 SE and making its debut soon, the HUAWEI nova 12s. This collaboration is not just about launching a new smartphone; it's about inspiring all South Africans to step into the spotlight and shine as the stars they are, embracing the KeStar philosophy – a South African message that resonates with the unstoppable spirit of being the star of your own destiny.

SuperSport United, a club renowned for its dedication to developing young South African football talent and uplifting communities, finds a perfect partner in HUAWEI. Together, they are setting the stage for a future where technology and sports merge, enabling stars to be born on and off the field. The partnership also creates a platform to bring fans closer to the action, offering them immersive experiences through advanced technology and transforming fans from mere spectators into integral football community members, with access to player interactions, behind-the-scenes content, and live match streaming.

It's a commitment to keeping the SuperSport United fan base engaged and connected, fostering a shared passion for football and unity in support of the team.
SuperSport United and HUAWEI Collaborate with the Launch of nova 12i #nova12iKeStar
Beyond the Game: Empowering SuperSport Stars with HUAWEI's Technological Edge
SuperSport United players are equipped with the HUAWEI nova 12i, which they can integrate into a vast and interconnected ecosystem of HUAWEI devices designed to enhance their performance, connectivity, and personal brand. This goes beyond the surface, underlining the club's and HUAWEI's deep commitment to empowering all South Africans, encouraging players to shine in their authentic light and elevate their game through technology.

The HUAWEI nova 12i is at the centre of this integration, enabling players to connect with fans on a personal level and showcase their individual journeys as they live out the KeStar philosophy. Players who tap into the HUAWEI ecosystems can take advantage of technology that extends into fitness and performance enhancement. Using wearable technology from HUAWEI, players can track fitness levels, monitor health stats in real-time, and optimise training routines to achieve peak performance. These devices offer precise measurements of vital statistics, such as heart rate, oxygen saturation, and sleep patterns, ensuring that players are in their best form, both on and off the pitch.

This detailed information is perfect for the coaching staff, offering a window into each player's physical condition and performance metrics. Through data collected by wearables, coaches can tailor training programs to players' individual needs, monitor their progress, and make informed decisions on tactics and player selection based on empirical data. This level of insight is instrumental in developing a team that not only plays well together but also maximises the potential of each player as an individual star.

Beyond the pitch, the HUAWEI nova 12i and its ecosystem facilitate a unique connection between players and fans. By leveraging the device's advanced camera features and seamless social media integration, players can share their personal stories, achievements, and moments of inspiration. This places each SuperSport star at the centre of a fan’s lifestyle, humanising each player and fostering a deep sense of community and engagement among SuperSport’s fans, encouraging them to support their heroes through every challenge and triumph.
SuperSport United and HUAWEI Collaborate with the Launch of nova 12i #nova12iKeStar
You Are the Star with the HUAWEI nova 12i
The HUAWEI nova 12i celebrates innovation, tailored for those who dare to stand out. Embodying the essence of "nova" or "new star," it's crafted for the bold, the dreamers, and the trendsetters. The HUAWEI nova series has always been synonymous with youth, fashion, and striving for the best. With its standout selfie camera, sleek design, and empowering features, the HUAWEI nova 12i invites you to be a star #nova12iKeStar.

At its core, the HUAWEI nova 12i features a 108MP high-res camera that allows players and fans to capture and share moments of brilliance in stunning clarity, effectively blurring the lines between the field and the stands. Its 5000mAh battery, supported by 40W HUAWEI SuperCharge, keeps you connected and in the game all day. The expansive 6.7-inch display delivers a sea of vivid colours and sharp visuals, making every goal, pass, penalty, and score line more engaging. Enhanced security through Sliding Input Fingerprint Enrolment and the latest EMUI 14 system makes your digital life more secure.

This device isn't just about high-end specs; it's about empowering you to live and share your story with the world.

Uniting Stars: The SuperSport United and HUAWEI Synergy
The partnership between SuperSport United and HUAWEI embodies the essence of innovation, leveraging it to nurture talent, boost performance, and strengthen fan connections. It underscores a shared dedication to cultivating football stars and engaging fans while inspiring them to become digital-age leaders and influencers, all within the spirit of KeStar.
The HUAWEI nova 12i invites you to embrace boldness, bravery, freedom and the uniqueness of your story. Through the fusion of technology and football, HUAWEI and SuperSport United FC encourage you to seize the KeStar spirit, reminding everyone that within the ordinary lies the extraordinary.
Keep an eye out on both HUAWEI’s and SuperSport United’s social media platforms, join the TikTok challenge and release your inner star or be the star and stand a chance to win cool prizes, including the new HUAWEI nova 12i #nova12iKeStar

Note - Press release as supplied by Huawei South Africa

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