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Hot Wheels Unveils New Die-Cast to Encourage Open-Ended Play Ahead of Autism Acceptance Month

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Hot Wheels launches the Flippin Fast die-cast with a design validated by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network, encouraging infinite ways of play for fans.

Mattel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MAT) announced the Hot Wheels® Flippin Fast™ die-cast, a new vehicle designed to encourage an open-ended play experience, ahead of Autism Acceptance Month in April. The Flippin Fast die-cast ignites the challenger spirit as one of the most versatile die-cast vehicles from Hot Wheels. Its fidget toy-inspired design allows kids to enjoy the wide range of motion from a Hot Wheels car as they roll it forward, and backwards and flip it upside down.

Hot Wheels partnered with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN), a nonprofit advocacy organization run by individuals on the autism spectrum, to validate the design and compatibility of the Flippin Fast die-cast to ensure it delivers an experience that meets the unique needs of all Hot Wheels fans, including those who may benefit from an open-ended, soothing, and sensory play experience.
Hot Wheels Unveils New Die-Cast to Encourage Open-Ended Play Ahead of Autism Acceptance Month
"It's exciting that Mattel has taken the needs of autistic kids into consideration with this new toy. Too often, autistic children and their families are told that they are 'playing wrong,' but allowing kids to play in the way they choose can promote self-regulation and self-expression,” said Zoe Gross, Director of Advocacy, Autistic Self Advocacy Network. “This car can be played with in any configuration, and whether kids prefer to play pretend with it or just spin the wheels, the design emphasizes that there's no wrong way to play."

While the Flippin Fast die-cast vehicle is intended for children ages three and up across all ability levels, ASAN’s seal on the packaging indicates that it meets the unique play needs of the autism spectrum community.
Hot Wheels Unveils New Die-Cast to Encourage Open-Ended Play Ahead of Autism Acceptance Month
“Hot Wheels is always listening to consumers and finding ways to implement their feedback into our new products to ensure we are meeting their differing needs through play,” said Ted Wu, Vice President, Global Head of Design for Vehicles, Mattel. “In this case, we created a toy where there is truly no ‘wrong’ way to play with it. Flip it, spin it, or roll it forward, backwards and even upside down – there are endless ways for everyone to play.”

Mattel has a long-standing relationship with ASAN and has worked with the nonprofit to help validate and inform the development of a variety of toy products and characters across Mattel’s portfolio of brands. The relationship kicked off with the introduction of Bruno, the Thomas & Friends franchise’s first-ever character with autism, across all franchise touchpoints in September of 2022.

Hot Wheels Flippin Fast is the latest way Mattel is evolving its product offerings to be more accessible and inclusive, engaging consumers more intentionally with products that meet their unique needs.
Hot Wheels Unveils New Die-Cast to Encourage Open-Ended Play Ahead of Autism Acceptance Month
About Mattel 
Mattel is a leading global toy and family entertainment company and owner of one of the most iconic brand portfolios in the world. We engage consumers and fans through our franchise brands, including Barbie®, Hot Wheels®, Fisher-Price®, American Girl®, Thomas & Friends™, UNO®, Masters of the Universe®, Matchbox ®, Monster High®, MEGA® and Polly Pocket®, as well as other popular properties that we own or license in partnership with global entertainment companies. Our offerings include toys, content, consumer products, and digital and live experiences. Our products are sold in collaboration with the world’s leading retail and e-commerce companies. 
Hot Wheels Unveils New Die-Cast to Encourage Open-Ended Play Ahead of Autism Acceptance Month
About the Autistic Self Advocacy Network
The Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) is a nonprofit advocacy organization run by and for individuals on the autism spectrum. ASAN advocates for the inclusion of autistic people in decisions that affect them, including legislation, depiction in the media, and disability services. A policy-focused organization, ASAN also provides educational materials to allow people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to get involved in policy advocacy on the issues that matter most to them. ASAN works to improve the public's understanding of autism and emphasizes the importance of inclusion for autistic people and all those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

Note - Press release as supplied by Mattel South Africa

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