Sunday 28 April 2024

Product Review 4: Huawei Gift Rechargeable Table Lamp (Type-C)

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I got this Huawei Gift Table Lamp at the Huawei Eco-Connect SSA 2023 Exhibition hall where a lot of partners set up their stalls and were showcasing their products and other things. I totally fell in love with this Table Lamp and got the same too. Thanks to Huawei South Africa for giving me the same. 

I really felt great as this one is chargeable and can last up to 30 hours on a single charge. This is perfect for your loadshedding troubles to study, to eat or to just carry it in case. With a touch function button, this is a must-have for all people if they can find it. 
Product Review 4: Huawei Gift Rechargeable Table Lamp (Type-C)
Huawei South Africa gifted me another one which I gave to my daughter for her study desk. She is also enjoying the same now. Recently my wife used the same to light up a corner while she was binge-watching some web series. This is easily rechargeable but there is not charging led that shows that it has fully charged or getting charged. I put it for a whole night on charge and thereafter I can see the brightness of the LEDs glow up fully. 

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