Tuesday 23 April 2024

Commemorate Each Day as Health Day with Samsung Galaxy Fit3

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Stay Fit & Enrich Your Life in Celebration of Global Health Awareness Day

In commemoration of World Health Day, Samsung is encouraging local consumers and fitness enthusiasts to enrich their lives and be at their best with the all-new Samsung Galaxy Fit3. Celebrated annually on 07 April, this Global Health Awareness Day draws attention to a specific health topic of concern to people all over the world.

Samsung’s latest wearable, whose fitness and overall lifestyle wellness objectives complement those of World Health Day, boasts an aluminium body with a wider display, allowing users to keep track of their health and wellness data, from daily workouts to peaceful sleep — straight from their wrists, around the clock.

So, if you’re looking for style, affordability and peace of mind when it comes to your health, then this cost-effective Galaxy Fit3 that comes in a sleek, lightweight and premium design will help you lead a healthier - more connected lifestyle. This stylish, rectangular fitness tracker comes in beautiful colours: Pink Gold, Silver and Gray. Galaxy Fit3 users will also have access to an array of capabilities within the connected Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, for an enhanced wearable experience.

Commemorate Each Day as Health Day with Samsung Galaxy Fit3

Justin Hume, Vice President of MX Business at Samsung South Africa said: “As Samsung, we have always prioritised sleep for better wellness, this is to ensure that our local health enthusiasts are now empowered enough to understand their patterns and build healthier habits with advanced sleep monitoring tools. We are very proud of our latest fitness tracker because it can offer advanced health monitoring technology to all, inspiring everyone to feel their best and adopt a healthier lifestyle.”

The Galaxy Fit3 can give users an even deeper understanding of their overall health by delivering health metrics that include heart rate, stress levels and cycle tracking.

This latest innovative design in health and fitness can rest snugly on your wrist, silently monitoring your sleep patterns, even detecting snoring and monitoring blood oxygen levels throughout the night to provide more detailed measurements. It can track over 100 workouts and daily activities, including sleep.

Based on individual sleep patterns, the Galaxy Fit3 will now provide users with personalised Sleep Coaching with meaningful insights that help them more intuitively understand their sleep, leading them to make positive changes.

This incredible health and fitness device comes packed with the biggest battery for outdoor adventure, lasting up to 13 days on a single charge. Thanks to this long-lasting battery life, users can now incorporate the Galaxy Fit3 into their lifestyles with ease. So for road runners, Galaxy Fit3 can last long enough for you to measure both your heart rate and your distance. With Galaxy Fit3, Samsung has again created technology that blazes a new trail, enabling you to do what you didn’t think possible.

Samsung has taken local consumers’ concerns, when it comes to pricing and affordability, into consideration. Thus, this Galaxy Fit3 is reasonably priced at only R1299 and is available now at all participating Samsung retail stores nationwide.

Note - Press release as supplied by Samsung South Africa

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