Tuesday 30 April 2024

Product Review 9: Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop Design

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Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop Design is an excellent small portable speaker with significant sound quality that I only got for ZAR 10 which is less than 1 USD. How and when I got it is answered in the video. This is also a historical speaker that I have and only unboxed now for your viewing pleasure. The retail price was around ZAR 550. 
Product Review 9: Samsung Wireless Speaker Scoop Design
I am sure you will like this dual-coloured design which has everything going right for the audio product. To make it to the top choice is the Aux cable input to make my non-Bluetooth devices work as well and I can even connect my laptop etc to produce more audio or sound output. Great design by Samsung. 

Link to video - https://youtu.be/XPpQTPX99q4 - Your Views Are My Only Blessings! 

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