Sunday 28 April 2024

Product Review 3: Huawei Selfie Stick With LED Beauty Light

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Huawei South Africa has so many products available for its consumers which not only support their ecosystem but also build a followers community. I have received a lot of products from various events I have attended over the last 10 years in South Africa which I keep giving away to all my friends and family members. 
Product Review 3: Huawei Selfie Stick With LED Beauty Light
Some products last long and Huawei Selfie Stick with LED Beauty Light is one such product. I am always in love with lights and this one comes with a foldable selfie stick built in. I am still on the lookout for a Gimbal but till that time I will continue to use this one. This selfie stick will capture clear and bright selfies even in dark environments. This is one of the historical products I have since the past few years and I used it at length on my Garden Route trip with parents to eat dinner during loadshedding if not for clicking selfies and videos. Thanks, Huawei South Africa for the same! 

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