Saturday 18 June 2022

A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Apr 2021 #TheLifesWay

Hi Friends,

April 2021 was a busy month as I started working on an onsite project and was learning the ropes of the trade once again in a new product and new role. As I have deleted a large number of posts on my blog, I will only talk about the posts that are still active. 

1. My Experiments with LG Mobiles in #India and #SouthAfrica @LGMobileSA #TakeFlight - As LG Mobiles went out of the market, I felt nostalgic about the journey of the LG smartphones and the events I attended for LG in India and South Africa. I still use one of the LG smartphones named LG X Screen which is a small little smartphone where my 4 years old son plays games every day.

2. A Memoir - This Month Last Year - Jan 2020 #TheLifesWay #2251Post - It was last year that I reached 2251 blog posts when I wrote about the Jan 2020 but this year I took down more than 600 blog posts done for brands, events which were past their deadline date and were not contributing any value to my readers. I took down all the stuff which I didn't feel important about from 2555 posts to around 1950 posts. It definitely has improved my self-written posts percentage which was around 33% earlier and now may be around 50% or more. It doesn't matter to anyone but why keep posts which are irrelevant.

3. The Grillroom & Sushi Brings A Culinary Experience Like Never Before @TheGrillRoomPTA #TheGrillroomAndSushiBar - We had a wonderful lunch at The Grillroom and Sushi in Pretoria but some months back the same was closed for business after a great run. Covid-19 came heavily on a lot of restaurants and the Chef too left a little few months before. The food was great and they gave me a wonderful vegetarian option as well.
4. The New @HuaweiZA #HuaweiFreeBuds4i: Unpacking The Specs #FeelTheBeat - I am using these earphones for a few months and they are really something of my day-to-day Bluetooth earphones for my audiobooks and music needs. I have watched a lot of web series using these earphones to the time they got completely discharged. They came as a gift from the Marketing Manager of Huawei in my personal favourite white colour. So grateful to her for all the goodies I received during her time with Huawei.

5. A New Portfolio That Consumers Will Love, Trust and Want to Keep @NokiaMobile #LoveTrustKeep - HMD Global brought a lot of new smartphones to the South African shores and Nokia Mobile again came with the Android One ecosystem and features like no other smartphone manufacturer. With promised 2 years of pure android experience and updates on the value segment phones to more than that too on niche high-end ones, it became a talk of the market. The market dynamics have changed though as Google Pixels are in the international market too but in South Africa Google smartphones are still far from launch or it's not a market for them to date.

April is the start of the financial year in India and I also started working on some new projects internally toward having financial freedom in the future days. I am still in the process to reach the same and working toward the same goal day and night. I don't want the pen drives or socks or notebooks from the launch event goodies where I put in my own petrol and time when I can invest that time working on my future self. 

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