Saturday, 17 April 2021

My Experiments with LG Mobiles in #India and #SouthAfrica @LGMobileSA #TakeFlight

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As the internet and youtube are flooded with the LG Mobile division closing down news, let me share my experience with the brand over all these years. My first invite to a smartphone launch event was with LG only for LG G2 way back on 30-Sep-2013 at Kingdom of Dreams in Gurugram, Haryana, India. This was my first invite and I totally loved attending the same. Also, I got to understand the power of a visiting card as the goodies bag was only given to those press or media invitees who have their cards printed. I somehow was ahead of the curve so got them printed as soon as I bought my domain name which in turn was motivated by one of my then friends Murtaza Ali Khan who runs a Movie Review blog and is now a big-time critic in the film industry and comes on TV and Youtube platforms. He along with others told me that it shows the seriousness and enthusiasm you have towards your venture and also some level of professionalism which I took to heart. I also received my first 4GB Sandisk Pendrive which I have kept still with all my important paperwork of South Africa. Also, I got my first Android Desk Speaker which has thing nice light as well as a micro-SD card to play songs from. I fall in love with the back button for easy selfie clicks in LG G2. 

My Experiments with LG Mobiles in India and South Africa @LGMobileSA #TakeFlight
Taken using LG Mobiles V20 Smartphone

When I came to South Africa, I have been chasing the LG Mobiles for the invite to their LG G3 launch event but only got the chance to attend LG G4 at a Morells Boutique Estate in Cresta. I got a small mobile stand as part of the launch event which I had bought earlier long ago from London's Pound Land long back for a pound. Also, I got to attend a session on how to take good smartphone photographs at Vega School in one of their Instagram contests which I attended on a Saturday morning. I got to review and test the LG G4 Beat as well as the LG V20 smartphone too. I really loved LG V20 because of all the feature regarding the audio capturing and a device ready for content creators at that time and it used to come with Bang and Olufsen earphones too.

The last event I attended was the launch of some TVs by LG as well as LG G5 where I got some macaroons as a gift to be part of the launch event. In between,  Anyhow, I got the device to review and won the Mall of Africa launch contests and got an R1000 GV from Kurt Geiger using the photographs clicked using the ultra-wide camera of LG G5. At that time, I was promoting my blog posts using software bought for 2 years where tweets will be shared again and again leading to the LG blocking my Twitter handle in 2016 or so and the same is true till today also.

My Experiments with LG Mobiles in India and South Africa @LGMobileSA #TakeFlight

The last response I got was from the new PR agency to come to one of the Soccer gaming charity match on a Saturday afternoon at their head office in Midrand and nothing after that in terms of any earphones to review or anything else too so it was a total time and money waste from my ROI perspective as I did some free blog posts too as a new initiation with LG Mobiles SA. 

Overall, I have not used the LG smartphone as my day to day device other than the modular LG G5 where you can change the battery - a revolutionary step amongst all smartphone makers and used its wide-angle camera to win myself some cool wool sweaters from Kurt Geiger. I am thankful to LG Mobiles for all the goodies and also I received an LG X Screen smartphone which I gifted to my mother-in-law on her first trip to South Africa. She is still using the same on a daily basis and so far there has been no issue she has faced in the phone, only thing is the screen and the phone has cracked or modified at one end due to putting Super Glue on the smartphone cover which permeated to the actual smartphone by an intelligent teenager at her home. 

Thank You LG Mobiles for bringing to market a lot of great features in smartphones. I will miss you but there is always a chance to rise from the ashes but till that time sleep well and may the focus be with you to create more OLED TVs and Home appliances. If ever you need my channels, do get in touch and I will be happy to promote your products once again but not for free for sure!

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