Sunday 1 August 2021

14 PHERE @ZEE5India #Drama #Comedy #14Phere #2xDrama2xDhamaal #ZEE5

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Zee5 OTT platform is bringing a lot of fun content to be watched by all the viewers and brought this comedy-drama movie after the action thriller Radhe starring Salman Khan. The Zee Studios produced movie stars Vikrant Massey and Kriti Kharbanda as the main couple Sanju and Aditi respectively between whom the concept of 14 Phere is being played. Basically, the families are not in support of their love marriage as they belong to different states and castes so the whole office staff comes together to create fake relatives and attends the marriage twice in two states once in Bihar and once in Rajasthan. I totally loved watching the movie and the small nuances the protagonists go through to make it all happen. 

Sanju and Aditi's fake parents are played by Gauahar Khan as Zubina and Jameel Khan as Amay. Both are theatre artists and they are coaxed into playing this once in a lifetime opportunity to play once Sanju's parents and once Aditi's parents. The movie is directed by Devanshu Singh and written by Manoj Kalwani. Both have been able to capture the details as it goes in the marriages and the demands in both the states. The song where the bride is introduced to the Bihari rituals is really heart touching and you will feel the love a mother-in-law has for her daughter-in-law. 
14 Phere @ZEE5India #Drama #Comedy #14Phere #2xDrama2xDhamaal #ZEE5
The movie was released on 23 July 2021 on the ZEE5 platform and runs for around 111 minutes. The story has everything which you want from a movie and can be watched with all the family members together. Vineet Kumar has played the real father of Sanju as Kanhaiya Lal Singh who is facing a lot of trouble to find his daughter who ran away with a groom of her own choice. Yamini Das plays the wife of Kanhaiya Lal as Sarla Lal Singh. During all this running from one state to another, there is a lot of chases when you will feel the couple will get caught but somehow they manage to escape from both the families. 

The movie has really good music which goes along with the story really well and the same is composed by Rajeev V Bhalla and JAM8. Vikrant's acting needs no introduction, as he brings the ease and calmness the character of the main hero needs. Kriti looks beautiful especially as the bride and acted her role perfectly well. This is one movie you should not miss and this is like a fresh breeze of the rains during this time in India. The story is fresh and you will enjoy this situational comedy. The last few minutes are really over the top and could have gone for crisp editing but overall you can leave your logical brain behind and enjoy this comedy movie named 14 Phere. Go for it! RATING 3.5/5

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