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Washer Dryer Buying Tips From @SamsungSA Experts #WashingMachine

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With so many choices across the price range, buying a washing machine can feel like a daunting task. One of the key features that a lot of people look for in a washing machine is a dryer. To make that decision simple for you, we got experts from Samsung to share tips about what to keep in mind before buying a washing machine with a dryer. Here are the things you should know if you are in the market for a washing machine with a dryer:

Washer Dryer with technologies such as Samsung’s AirWash can deodorise and sanitise your clothes. Using just heated air, unpleasant odour is removed, and bacteria are eliminated without using water, detergent or other chemicals.

Fabric Care
Another important thing to consider while buying a Washer Dryer is fabric care. All drying programs (except for the Time dry option) detect the weight of the laundry in order to display a more accurate drying time and dry the laundry more effectively without damaging it. Machines without the weight sensor, tend to continue drying clothes even when they’ve been adequately dried and this could damage your laundry.

Ceramic heater
A Washer Dryer with a good quality ceramic heater can triple the life of one washing machine heater by not only protecting it from the build-up of water scale deposit but also increased energy efficiency.

Samsung washer dryers come with a bubble generator to dissolve detergent into the water and then inject air, producing a rich soapy foam cushion. With less mechanical actions and bubble cushion, the technology protects clothes from getting damaged. The softer and smoother bubble action protects delicate clothes such as outdoor wear and water repellent fabrics.
Washer Dryer Buying Tips From #Samsung Experts #WashingMachine
Size of the family
It is one of the most important points to consider when buying a new Washer Dryer. The number of family members would be directly correlating to a larger capacity washing machine. A large capacity washing machine is recommended for bigger families and vice-versa.

Drying capacity
In Washer Dryers, drying capacities are often smaller than washing capacities. For instance, in a 9Kg Washer Dryer, 6Kg would be the optimal drying capacity. Due to this difference between the washing and drying capacities, one must remove some of the laundry items before you can start drying it. Drying capacity varies for different sizes.

Energy rating
Another important aspect to consider when buying a Washer Dryer is the energy rating it comes with. A higher energy rating, like those in Samsung washing machines, helps you save on electricity bills and reduces overall energy consumption. This is invaluable in South Africa where electricity prices are soaring.

Digital Inverter
Digital Inverter motors work precisely according to load-size unlike non-inverter motors which has fixed operation, so it offers up to 40% energy saving. It utilises strong magnets for less friction in the motor, allowing for quiet, powerful and durable performance.

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