Tuesday 10 August 2021

COLLAR BOMB @DisneyplusHSVIP #Movies #CollarBomb #Action #Thriller #DisneyPlusHotstarMultiplex

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COLLAR BOMB is the latest Bollywood movie released on 9-Jul-21 on Disney+ Hotstar Online platform starring Jimmy Sheirgill, Asha Negi, Rajshri Deshpande, Ajit Singh Palawat, Sparsh Shrivastava, Naman Jain, Shashi Bhushan, Ajay Purkar, Vidushi Mehra, Suman Singh and many others. The movie is 86 minutes long and directed by Dnyanesh Zoting. The production house behind the movie is Yoodlee Films and produced by Siddharth Anand Kumar and Vikram Mehra. The movie is written by Nikhil Nair and dialogues are written by Nisarg Mehta. 
COLLAR BOMB @DisneyplusHSVIP #Movies #CollarBomb #Action #Thriller #DisneyPlusHotstarMultiplex
Collar Bomb is a thriller action drama where a school compound is hijacked by a terrorist who is wearing a bomb in his neck where the light goes green after 1 code is entered. The terrorist/suicide bomber Shoeb Ali played by Sparsh Shrivastava wants Jimmy Sheirgill's character SHO Manoj Hesi to do certain things so that the kids' lives can be spared within a tight timespan else he won't lock in the code into the bomb leaving everyone dead inside the school building. He is also attending one of the school events as Shoeb Ali makes everyone hostage including Manoj's son Akshay Hesi played by Naman Jain. Asha Negi plays another cop ASI Sumitra Joshi who tries to get to the bottom of the action that's happening inside the school auditorium. 

Collar Bomb is also one of the revenge stories where something is happening with the kids and the person behind all of that is one of the parents and someone keeps on killing them one after the other which you find out during the 86 minutes of the movie as the timeline goes forward. You will be able to solve the mystery if you watch the movie carefully. It's an interesting thriller drama that keeps you glued to the screen as kids are dying and an SHO Manoj who is known for solving cases is behind all the murders as found out by ASI Sumitra. Will she give him a chance to go the extra mile to solve the crime or catch him and put him behind bars is what is there in the chase and run kind of drama which you have seen in many movies earlier where they get a phone call and you have to act on their commands and this is similar too. 
COLLAR BOMB @DisneyplusHSVIP #Movies #CollarBomb #Action #Thriller #DisneyPlusHotstarMultiplex
Asha Negi has played her role really well along with Jimmy Sheirgill and Sparsh Shrivastava. Rajshri Deshpande, you won't even recognize her in this role after watching Sacred Games. The rest of the other characters has very little to do as the whole story revolves around these 4 characters. This movie is definitely one time watch but starts to give a social message in the last few minutes which doesn't go well with the thrilling storyline. I don't understand why the director always tries to impart their knowledge or try to give a message in the end instead of focussing their power on competing or ending the story in a convincing fashion when they have kept their audience glued to the seats for more than half of the storyline. The climax fails to generate the same kind of interest and Hindu-Muslim riots are brought into the story led by a local politician to use the situations for his aspirations. 

Will SHO Manoj and ASI Sumitra will be able to save the school kids and parents? Will they be able to catch the killer behind all the killings happening? Will they trust each other and work as a team? Will they save the suicide bomber and implode the bomb? What past events brought SHO to this situation where his own son is held captive by the suicide bomber? To get all the answers do watch it on Disney+ Hotstar Multiplex

RATING 2.5/5

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